candle_01Liliana offers classes in energetics and clairvoyance. These classes can help you cultivate and integrate the intuitive part of your nature. The moment in which understanding is transmuted from knowledge, is alchemical. Through meditation and practice, the soul is illuminated from within—heaven and earth unite within you. Connect with your own intuitive knowing and begin to experience life without having to evaluate or understand.


“I enjoy watching people cultivate the tools and wisdom they already possess. We have all been teachers before and I am only helping them remember this information. The greatest gift of teaching is learning from your students and growing with them.” -Liliana

What is unique about Liliana’s classes?

In order to facilitate and guide you, Liliana observes your energy as you are in your learning process. This helps to create a unique experience for each of her students.


The Lotus symbolizes purity and enlightenment, as it rises clean and untainted out of muddy waters.
The Lantern's Light symbolizes wisdom — a light through which we see all truths.

Call Liliana to schedule an appointment: 503.320.6882

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