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Presenting: A B C Psychic Kindergarten

A-Alignment – Self-healing: Bringing your energy body into alignment. This is 6 weeks of evening sessions for 80 minutes. Section A is a prerequisite for courses B and C.

B-Boundaries – Assisting others through your own self-cultivation. This is a  two part series (split into 4hr sessions) for a total of 8 hrs. Usually a weekend day.

C-Clairvoyance -You as an intuitive, learning to read energy. This is a  two part series (split into 4hr sessions) for a total of 8 hrs. Usually a weekend day.

I started teaching these classes 10 years ago.  In that time my practice has transformed to include new approaches to healing and teaching. One 8 week series (A-Alignment) and then consolidated 4 hr classes help you make quick gains while still giving you a more in depth understanding of energetic tools for healing. I am excited to share with you classes that also offer more control over what you learn, a wider variety of topics, and new opportunities for practice.

What are the basic differences between classes?

Section A is about self-cultivation. In the 6 weeks you will learn basic foundational tools such as meditation, grounding yourself, how to do a self clearing, your role as a healer, energy fields, chakras and how to use a healing master for self healing.  SIGN UP NOW

Section B (All classes in section A are a prerequisite)
Learn how to assist in the healing of others in a way that doesn’t deplete your own life force energy, but rather promotes your own self-cultivation. Learn how to use your healing master in a healing session. Learn about chakras, cords, layers of the energy field, how to neutralize shadow energy, and introduction to clairvoyance.  If you have previously taken Psychic Kindergarten or Alignment and experience difficulty registering due to the prerequisite requirement, please send an email to

Section C: (All classes in section A are a prerequisite)
Clairvoyance training. What is “seeing?” Learn how to read energy safely. Learn to read the energy of the physical, past-life, energetic, and astral bodies. Practice in class and strengthen your certainty as a clairvoyant reader SIGN UP NOW.

What if I have already taken psychic kindergarten?

Re-make $20.00 per A-Alignment and $75.00 for B and C (for the full 4 hrs)

How much does it cost?
A-Alignment $50.00 per class, pay as you go for 6 weeks.

B-Boundaries $150.00 for each 4 hour class.

C-Clairvoyance $150.00 for each 4 hour class.

All classes of Section A must be taken in order to take classes in Sections B and C. Once you have completed Section A, you can pick and choose which classes you want to take. The recommendation is to take all the classes in order, A through C, but I know that your world is busy and schedules don’t always work out.

This is a 3 part series, offering a basic framework for understanding energetics. This class will explore how to give, without losing vital life-force. Also we will cover how to maintain compassion without taking on responsibility for others.

This class covers a full spectrum of aura/chakra healing, offering some basics in what I call “Energy Etiquette.” We will learn about basic grounding techniques and protection, healing masters, chakras, layers of the energy field, energetic cords, past lives and beings that don’t respect an individual’s space. This class is part meditation and part hands-on. There will be some lecture with demonstrations and practice sessions. You will partner up to experience the information.

Most importantly we will talk about how to cultivate your energy and how to clear your space. You will learn how energy effects the body and how to protect yourself from outside energy. Also, how to hold space for others while maintaining your own energy and clarity.

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