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Ready To Boldly Stand In Your Intuition?

Josie and I have created Healing Chakra Cards and they are available for purchase!


Each card includes information about each chakra, symptoms experienced when a chakra is affected and the opportunity for growth. Finish with a golden sun to help get your energy back and, of course, a favorite quote from Dumbledore. (We love Harry Potter)

These cards are laminated for use with clients & yourself (you will inevitably throw them in your bag or car just to have them near, believe me!). $30 for the collection of 7 chakras. Shipped to your home or office.

Did you know you can start developing your intuition right now?

A-Alignment is a prerequisite for ALL other classes at Lotus Lantern Healing Arts. It’s our basic intuitive development class that provides you a language for accessing your own intuitive gifts. Loaded with goodies, self healing, soothing and protecting yourself from all the crap we have to endure in a day. Those of us who are energetically sensitive tend to feel overwhelmed quickly. The lessons and tools provided can give you the respite you desire.

Click Here if you want instant access online! This class was created for my amazing clients all over the US and abroad! Use the coupon code Love and get $80.00 off you purchase of the course. It’s normally $279.00 add the coupon code: LOVE (All caps) it’s $199.00 for the month of December.

Live basic Intuitive Development class in Bend, Oregon at Riverside Wellness. This class has limited seating. So please sign up. January 6th 6:45pm-8pm Wednesdays for 4 weeks. Click here to sign up.

New Location in Bend, Oregon!

Lotus Lantern Healing Arts Bend, Oregon USA Location from Rev. Liliana Barzola Read on Vimeo.

I am thrilled to announce our latest location in Bend, Oregon! (I will still be coming to Portland each month.)

I am so grateful to be collaborating with some amazing healers. This space has been a longtime dream for my friend, Bonnie Skakel. She’s been eyeing a building on the river for two years now. When I say, “on the river”, I mean it’s like you’re walking on water. It’s that magnificent.

If you live here or are heading for a vacation in Bend, Oregon, I would love to see you live and in person. This little slice of heaven is called Riverside Wellness.

List of practitioners:
Dr. Bonnie Skakel, N.D., L.Ac.
Dr. Skakel is a Naturopathic Doctor, an Acupuncturist & the founder of Riverside Wellness.

Dr. Jessica Greco
Still Point Osteopathy & Medical Acupuncture

Kristen Jividen, RN
Advanced Allergy Therapeutics

Dr. Jim Bentley

Rev. Liliana Barzola Read
Intuitive Counselor

Rev. Josie Hopla
Intuitive Counselor

Debra Light, M.S., E-RYT 500
Licensed Esthetician & Yoga Trainer

Ann Morrison, RN NTP

We will be open December 1st!

I Need Room To Shine MY Light!

I want to share a story with you about my daughter. My husband decided to take her to explore the caves near our home. My daughter was delighted to be given her very own kid-sized lantern. She was absolutely fearless, venturing into the deep dark cave with him trailing behind her. The strangers that followed behind my husband and daughter soon began to catch up and light the way ahead of her.

What she loved so dearly, was feeling the power of her light on the dark path. She relished in the impact of the light transforming the dark. My daughter is really shy. The kind of kid that gets mute when anyone other than family speaks to her. My husband was in total shock when she began yelling a loud, echoey plea to all the strangers in the cave. It was a firm, “EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME!” and when she had won their startled attention, she declared, “I need room to shine MY light.”

So this is me giving you permission to ask for room to shine your light. If she can do it, you can do it. Where in your life are you feeling oppressed, overwhelmed, closed in? Can you ask for space? Take some time alone? What would help you focus on the light within you?

I will be in Portland the next three weekends: Sept 26-27, Oct 3-4, and 10-11th. I will be available via phone as well for the next three weeks, then taking a little vacation mid-October.

Shine your light bright, Liliana

A fun little video and more of my favorite things.

I want to share a video from my series A-Alignment where I get to talk about “growth periods.”

All my lessons are coming so swiftly and intensely right now, I have to have great compassion for myself. You should be kind to yourself, too! You’ll get to see what a dork I am. :)

I’ve extended my hours for this week. I’m practically “on call” this Wednesday and Friday, and last minute is perfect. 503.320.6882 or to schedule.

Check My Friends! (I am so freaking proud of them)

If you live in PDX you can get bone broth delivery! Thanks to my amazing friend Stephanie:

HEAL THY GUT ~ Stephanie Kabella, Portland culinary artist, food whisperer, and nutritional therapist, prepares organic bone broths, meat stocks, and 24 hour grass-fed cream yogurt to order, and currently delivers to your door or for pick-up. Menu planning and meal prep are also available for special diet needs. Stephanie: 971-506-9847 and

Laura Peterson Hands to Heart International Amazing TedTalk – Heals Babies All OVER THE WORLD

Lori Pollock – Field Deck Guide (I use this all the time)

Cynthia Lopez – Producer and Video Goddess (Read her about page, it rocks)

Theresa Pridemore – Designer, Artist, Photgrapher and Tarot Reader

Rasa Willis – Amazing Massage

Candida – Naturopath and Intuitive Healer

Sarah Defrancesco – Functional Medicine, Intuitive Healing, and more

Ryan White – Oral History For All Check out his interviews!

Jenna Dalton – Music and Healing

Dr. Jolene Brighten – Naturopath (Bay Area C.A.)

Jessica Lindsey – Thai Healing and Intuitive Healing

Do you want your business to be featured? I’m interested in creating a conscious business network. Let me know if I can say you are a friend or client, then email me your business info and I’ll see if we’re compatible ;)

Liliana’s Favorite Central Oregon Things

(At the end of this note is a list of my favorite things in Central Oregon!)

It has been almost 10 months since our move to Central Oregon. We have felt blessed to be here. We are living in a place where people help each other out, it is unreal. When my husband was in a car accident (no injuries, not his fault) many strangers came to his aid. People handed out their information offering to be witnesses, supported him and gave him free coffee. He came home shaken but feeling the love.

We have made it through the winter and now we have amazing weather. If I had only one word to describe this place it would be: SKY! Big, open, amazing sky.

I still make it over the mountain each month to see my lovely clients in Portland.
I’ve got some virtual spots this Wed, Thursday, Friday and Saturday in-person, in Portland. Click here or call 503.320.6882

Workshops virtual and in-person!
If you have had A-Alignment then join me in a workshop this Sunday in Portland!

4th Dimensional Energy Workshop in Portland, Oregon.
Sunday May 31st @ 11:00am-3pmpm Cost: $160.00
At Kwan Yin Healing Arts East Click for more
(A-Alignment is a pre-req)

Did you miss the last workshop on karma? I made a virtual version click here for more.

I am working out some details to have an in-person location for Bend, Oregon.

If you are thinking of visiting Central Oregon this summer, let me to share my favorites places and businesses.


School House Produce in Redmond
amazing smoothies, produce and more!

English Tea Room

BrickHouse Restaurant

One Street Down Cafe

Smith Rock


Acupuncture and ND: Three Sisters Natural Health
Bonnie Skakel will give you a mind blowing meditation experience, body treatments and more!

Pono Farms Butcher and yummy lunches Tuesday-Saturday

Waldorf School of Bend. This place is amazing. The video on that page will make you cry!

Sawyer Park

Fearless Baking
Cafe Sintra Bend and Sunriver
Drake Restaurant
Pisanos Woodfired Pizza in Tumalo (between Bend and Redmond)


Five Pines Lodge
It’s a 5 star experience at a reasonable price. If you want to romance yourself or someone else go for it! It’s on a “campus”. The campus has a movie theater, pub and amazing Shibui Spa.

Latigo’s Restaurant

What to do when you back is against the wall

I love to plan! I love to know what’s coming next.

Shit! Life is not like that. That uncomfortable place between death and rebirth makes me crazy sometimes. I need to move forward, but I don’t understand what’s next. I need to release the anxiety. Releasing it, will open me to the answer and how to trust, trust, trust.

I made this visualization for anyone who is currently feeling this. Check it out and share it!

It opens me up to call my angels for help, just like in this Star Wars scene when they call C3PO for HELP.

Minivan Psychic Final Episode of Season One

Access your natural intuition with a class I’ve been teaching for 13 years. 100’s of my students have started their journey with this A-Alignment Class. It starts May 3rd Click here to learn more about the class and how to sign up.

This is the last episode of Minivan Psychic: Season One! (little tear) Watch it and learn two basic tools that are taught in the class.

Minivan Psychic Episode 4: House Of Destiny

Joe clears heavy death energy in this dark themed episode. You won’t know why until the end. So please watch and learn about the life changing experience that set Joe on his spiritual and musical path!

Learn more about Joe’s work here music
and here reflexology.


It’s A Third Chakra World. Thanks to Esteban (our guinea pig) we learn to bring our 3rd and 4th chakras into balance. Esteban was our sound tech and he was listening to minivan participants ball and cry all day. Finally we convinced him to enter the van…the rest is history.

Minivan Psychic


The Lotus symbolizes purity and enlightenment, as it rises clean and untainted out of muddy waters.
The Lantern's Light symbolizes wisdom — a light through which we see all truths.

Call Liliana to schedule an appointment: 503.320.6882

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