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A fun little video and more of my favorite things.

I want to share a video from my series A-Alignment where I get to talk about “growth periods.”

All my lessons are coming so swiftly and intensely right now, I have to have great compassion for myself. You should be kind to yourself, too! You’ll get to see what a dork I am. :)

I’ve extended my hours for this week. I’m practically “on call” this Wednesday and Friday, and last minute is perfect. 503.320.6882 or to schedule.

Check My Friends! (I am so freaking proud of them)

If you live in PDX you can get bone broth delivery! Thanks to my amazing friend Stephanie:

HEAL THY GUT ~ Stephanie Kabella, Portland culinary artist, food whisperer, and nutritional therapist, prepares organic bone broths, meat stocks, and 24 hour grass-fed cream yogurt to order, and currently delivers to your door or for pick-up. Menu planning and meal prep are also available for special diet needs. Stephanie: 971-506-9847 and

Laura Peterson Hands to Heart International Amazing TedTalk – Heals Babies All OVER THE WORLD

Lori Pollock – Field Deck Guide (I use this all the time)

Cynthia Lopez – Producer and Video Goddess (Read her about page, it rocks)

Theresa Pridemore – Designer, Artist, Photgrapher and Tarot Reader

Rasa Willis – Amazing Massage

Candida – Naturopath and Intuitive Healer

Sarah Defrancesco – Functional Medicine, Intuitive Healing, and more

Ryan White – Oral History For All Check out his interviews!

Jenna Dalton – Music and Healing

Dr. Jolene Brighten – Naturopath (Bay Area C.A.)

Jessica Lindsey – Thai Healing and Intuitive Healing

Do you want your business to be featured? I’m interested in creating a conscious business network. Let me know if I can say you are a friend or client, then email me your business info and I’ll see if we’re compatible ;)

Liliana’s Favorite Central Oregon Things

(At the end of this note is a list of my favorite things in Central Oregon!)

It has been almost 10 months since our move to Central Oregon. We have felt blessed to be here. We are living in a place where people help each other out, it is unreal. When my husband was in a car accident (no injuries, not his fault) many strangers came to his aid. People handed out their information offering to be witnesses, supported him and gave him free coffee. He came home shaken but feeling the love.

We have made it through the winter and now we have amazing weather. If I had only one word to describe this place it would be: SKY! Big, open, amazing sky.

I still make it over the mountain each month to see my lovely clients in Portland.
I’ve got some virtual spots this Wed, Thursday, Friday and Saturday in-person, in Portland. Click here or call 503.320.6882

Workshops virtual and in-person!
If you have had A-Alignment then join me in a workshop this Sunday in Portland!

4th Dimensional Energy Workshop in Portland, Oregon.
Sunday May 31st @ 11:00am-3pmpm Cost: $160.00
At Kwan Yin Healing Arts East Click for more
(A-Alignment is a pre-req)

Did you miss the last workshop on karma? I made a virtual version click here for more.

I am working out some details to have an in-person location for Bend, Oregon.

If you are thinking of visiting Central Oregon this summer, let me to share my favorites places and businesses.


School House Produce in Redmond
amazing smoothies, produce and more!

English Tea Room

BrickHouse Restaurant

One Street Down Cafe

Smith Rock


Acupuncture and ND: Three Sisters Natural Health
Bonnie Skakel will give you a mind blowing meditation experience, body treatments and more!

Pono Farms Butcher and yummy lunches Tuesday-Saturday

Waldorf School of Bend. This place is amazing. The video on that page will make you cry!

Sawyer Park

Fearless Baking
Cafe Sintra Bend and Sunriver
Drake Restaurant
Pisanos Woodfired Pizza in Tumalo (between Bend and Redmond)


Five Pines Lodge
It’s a 5 star experience at a reasonable price. If you want to romance yourself or someone else go for it! It’s on a “campus”. The campus has a movie theater, pub and amazing Shibui Spa.

Latigo’s Restaurant

What to do when you back is against the wall

I love to plan! I love to know what’s coming next.

Shit! Life is not like that. That uncomfortable place between death and rebirth makes me crazy sometimes. I need to move forward, but I don’t understand what’s next. I need to release the anxiety. Releasing it, will open me to the answer and how to trust, trust, trust.

I made this visualization for anyone who is currently feeling this. Check it out and share it!

It opens me up to call my angels for help, just like in this Star Wars scene when they call C3PO for HELP.

Minivan Psychic Final Episode of Season One

Access your natural intuition with a class I’ve been teaching for 13 years. 100’s of my students have started their journey with this A-Alignment Class. It starts May 3rd Click here to learn more about the class and how to sign up.

This is the last episode of Minivan Psychic: Season One! (little tear) Watch it and learn two basic tools that are taught in the class.

Minivan Psychic Episode 4: House Of Destiny

Joe clears heavy death energy in this dark themed episode. You won’t know why until the end. So please watch and learn about the life changing experience that set Joe on his spiritual and musical path!

Learn more about Joe’s work here music
and here reflexology.


It’s A Third Chakra World. Thanks to Esteban (our guinea pig) we learn to bring our 3rd and 4th chakras into balance. Esteban was our sound tech and he was listening to minivan participants ball and cry all day. Finally we convinced him to enter the van…the rest is history.

Minivan Psychic

Understanding Energetic Pictures

Want to stay centered while interacting with others?

Sometimes I get overwhelmed while socializing. If I have a friend that is telling me a lively story, or times when I feel conflict with others, I struggle to stay in my center and empowered. This video has my secret tool and it makes me soooo happy to share it with you!

I will be in Portland working this weekend Sept. 20th, 21st and 22nd. I have 4 spots left. Call Lora to schedule in if you like 503.320.6882.

Hello from Central Oregon!

Hello from Central Oregon!

I just spent the last month moving my family from Portland to the high dessert of Central Oregon. It has not been absent it’s frustrations.

What’s been helping me stay focused? My energy tools and meditations. Here is one for dealing with stress and frustration.

Create & Destroy from Liliana Barzola Read on Vimeo.

And then there were moments where I knew I was loosing my mind! And only this song would help me!

So after I used the heck out of my tools and danced around to music, I got to the really exciting and exhilarating parts!

This is my first adult move. That means that my parents moved me when I was 12 years old from the Bay Area in California, to the cloudy, rainy city of Portland, Oregon.  I had never experienced depression until that move. Looking back I realize so much of my physical and emotional issues were not about leaving friends behind or even my parent’s divorce. Nope, it was about living in a dark, watery place. I am a water sign with no earth in my chart…I NEED the high dessert climate.

This place reminds me of the summers I spent with my family in the Sierras. This is my first experience of choosing a climate and community!

That being said, I feel lucky to have Portland and all it’s gems. It’s hipsters, health food stores and food carts. I will not give up my practice in Portland and have no plans to open a practice here in Central Oregon.

So how the heck does that work?

Although my life and family will be in Central Oregon, I will spending 6-8 days per month seeing my Portland clientele in Portland, OR (starting Sept 20th, 21st, and 22nd.) It will just be more consolidated. My new location is just a short flight or a gorgeous drive to my office in Portland. You will continue to have regular access to me via phone or Skype on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Friday’s and Sundays. Click here to see the schedule. or Call Lora to schedule 503.320.6882

Thanks for your support and understanding.  I wish you many blessings and joy in all your endeavors.


The Power Of Agreement

I woke up this past Sunday, ready for work.  Except for one, small thing…

I had no voice.

As I am beginning to achieve some things for my business that I have been unable to do for many years, I am feeling terror. I feel this enormous fear around speaking from my heart and not getting killed for it. I feel like I’ve experienced torture and trauma past-life around my voice, and my voice is obviously very important to me in this life. I LOVE teaching, healing and helping and I do this all with the power of my voice.

In my classes, I teach my students about something called, “persecution pictures”. These are subconscious memories of past-life persecution. Being killed for speaking your truth or standing up for myself.

Past-life persecution pictures can “flare-up” when you are actively healing them. And they can make you feel kr-r-razy. You can be in a meeting with a loan officer and feel like you are gonna jump out of your skin. It can be a totally mundane thing but your internal reaction is one of great post-traumatic stress, yet you don’t see a correlation to anything you have actually experienced in this life. Think of it like phantom post-traumatic stress.

So since this past-life picture stuff is really active for me, and prior to this voice loss, I had been going to sleep and asking my higher-self for realignment.  “Please allow me to clear all the limitation around what I can create here on earth.”

So Sunday morning I wake up and I have NO VOICE at all. I don’t feel sick it’s a mystery.

Hahahaha… well played, Universe.

As much as I think I’m terrified to speak from my heart, my greatest fear is that I won’t be able to speak at all. It’s reverse fear of success -it’s fear of being heard, being received. So today and for however long this takes I have to sit in this feeling and love myself –in whispers.

Later that day I had an awesome treatment with a Dr. Robert Ciprian. My voice came back the following morning, just as he said. Yippie!

But now it has left me again. :(

Well played, Universe.

I am getting deep personal lessons here.

My clients and students have been beyond patient with me. My poor assistant that has to keep calling and rescheduling people. Because we just don’t know when…

It’s kinda hilarious that I am being MADE to sit in this and recreate my voice inside out.

The funniest challenge right now is parenting a toddler without a voice. She is so use to getting verbal love from me. We were on the playground and she was yelling to strangers across the way, “Look at me! Look at how high up I climbed.”

I felt embarrassed – she was being a show off. Two year olds are so full of themselves.

I had no voice to shush her or give her the praise so she would stop!

I just caught her eyes and smiled and laughed at how I was judging her.

I was uncomfortable.

Once again, well played, Universe.

Why the hell shouldn’t we all be like, “hey look at me! Look how high I’ve climbed!” She’s giving me lessons galore.

I am reaching out to you now. By asking, “Will you be in agreement with me that my voice will come back stronger than ever, and I can get back to doing my beloved work in the world?”

If the answer is yes, that’s all I need. If it’s not, don’t worry. I don’t take it personal.

Here is a beautifully written comment from Jeremiah Coleman:

“Your alignment has shed your old voice. Now you are in the quiet at the beginning of Spring, holding the seeds that are about to sprout from the dark soil of your past; the composted fear. You are now growing a New Voice. When you speak again, in that first sliver of the growing moon, your voice will not carry the vibration of fear. Your voice will transmit an Overtone of radiant Beauty, Free Will and Elegance. All Blessings, Sister.”

You can do this too! Anytime you are trying to heal, manifest, inspire, get a clear answer for, try it.

For example: You are trying to get clarity on where to move to. You can say to a friend, “Hey, will you be in agreement with me that I’ll get clarity on this move?”

1. Pick the thing you want to heal/get clarity on.

2. Think of someone who you think wants you to succeed or is neutral about it. (Basically you just don’t want to ask someone who is in competition with you.)

3. Then ask them “to be in agreement with you.”

Things to know:

This takes no energy from you or the “co-agree-er” ;)

It doesn’t require problem solving or fixing. In fact, it’s just the opposite.

(I might find myself worrying in a circle out-loud to a friend. This friend might be looking at me like, “geeze you are gonna give yourself a heart-attack if you keep yourself in this worry circle.” Then, I realize what I am doing. I stop myself, and say out-loud to this friend, “hey would you be in agreement with me that I resolve this with ease?”

What to do if they say no:

1. Don’t take it personal.

it’s really good info. You don’t want them saying “yes” when they really mean “no.”

(not good juju for them or you.)

2. Don’t give up!

Who else could you ask? (relative, friend, internet forum.)

3. Try, try again!

So now you have gotten someone to agree, that’s awesome! Also the more the merrier, you can get more people that increases the permission level exponentially.

There’s this silly bible verse… Yep! Here comes the Jesus!

Matthew 18:19 “Again I say to you, that if two of you agree on earth about anything that they may ask, it shall be done for them by My Father who is in heaven.”

Now chill out.

Let it rest.

This doesn’t mean you can’t still ask for help or take necessary steps to heal or manifest. It does mean you need to let the universe join you in that. Being in effort around an issue is solidifying that you will be alone in it.

But throwing your hands up once in awhile, you’re saying:

“Hey Universe… tag! YOU’RE it!”


The Lotus symbolizes purity and enlightenment, as it rises clean and untainted out of muddy waters.
The Lantern's Light symbolizes wisdom — a light through which we see all truths.

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