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The Power Of Agreement

I woke up this past Sunday, ready for work.  Except for one, small thing…

I had no voice.

As I am beginning to achieve some things for my business that I have been unable to do for many years, I am feeling terror. I feel this enormous fear around speaking from my heart and not getting killed for it. I feel like I’ve experienced torture and trauma past-life around my voice, and my voice is obviously very important to me in this life. I LOVE teaching, healing and helping and I do this all with the power of my voice.

In my classes, I teach my students about something called, “persecution pictures”. These are subconscious memories of past-life persecution. Being killed for speaking your truth or standing up for myself.

Past-life persecution pictures can “flare-up” when you are actively healing them. And they can make you feel kr-r-razy. You can be in a meeting with a loan officer and feel like you are gonna jump out of your skin. It can be a totally mundane thing but your internal reaction is one of great post-traumatic stress, yet you don’t see a correlation to anything you have actually experienced in this life. Think of it like phantom post-traumatic stress.

So since this past-life picture stuff is really active for me, and prior to this voice loss, I had been going to sleep and asking my higher-self for realignment.  “Please allow me to clear all the limitation around what I can create here on earth.”

So Sunday morning I wake up and I have NO VOICE at all. I don’t feel sick it’s a mystery.

Hahahaha… well played, Universe.

As much as I think I’m terrified to speak from my heart, my greatest fear is that I won’t be able to speak at all. It’s reverse fear of success -it’s fear of being heard, being received. So today and for however long this takes I have to sit in this feeling and love myself –in whispers.

Later that day I had an awesome treatment with a Dr. Robert Ciprian. My voice came back the following morning, just as he said. Yippie!

But now it has left me again. :(

Well played, Universe.

I am getting deep personal lessons here.

My clients and students have been beyond patient with me. My poor assistant that has to keep calling and rescheduling people. Because we just don’t know when…

It’s kinda hilarious that I am being MADE to sit in this and recreate my voice inside out.

The funniest challenge right now is parenting a toddler without a voice. She is so use to getting verbal love from me. We were on the playground and she was yelling to strangers across the way, “Look at me! Look at how high up I climbed.”

I felt embarrassed – she was being a show off. Two year olds are so full of themselves.

I had no voice to shush her or give her the praise so she would stop!

I just caught her eyes and smiled and laughed at how I was judging her.

I was uncomfortable.

Once again, well played, Universe.

Why the hell shouldn’t we all be like, “hey look at me! Look how high I’ve climbed!” She’s giving me lessons galore.

I am reaching out to you now. By asking, “Will you be in agreement with me that my voice will come back stronger than ever, and I can get back to doing my beloved work in the world?”

If the answer is yes, that’s all I need. If it’s not, don’t worry. I don’t take it personal.

Here is a beautifully written comment from Jeremiah Coleman:

“Your alignment has shed your old voice. Now you are in the quiet at the beginning of Spring, holding the seeds that are about to sprout from the dark soil of your past; the composted fear. You are now growing a New Voice. When you speak again, in that first sliver of the growing moon, your voice will not carry the vibration of fear. Your voice will transmit an Overtone of radiant Beauty, Free Will and Elegance. All Blessings, Sister.”

You can do this too! Anytime you are trying to heal, manifest, inspire, get a clear answer for, try it.

For example: You are trying to get clarity on where to move to. You can say to a friend, “Hey, will you be in agreement with me that I’ll get clarity on this move?”

1. Pick the thing you want to heal/get clarity on.

2. Think of someone who you think wants you to succeed or is neutral about it. (Basically you just don’t want to ask someone who is in competition with you.)

3. Then ask them “to be in agreement with you.”

Things to know:

This takes no energy from you or the “co-agree-er” ;)

It doesn’t require problem solving or fixing. In fact, it’s just the opposite.

(I might find myself worrying in a circle out-loud to a friend. This friend might be looking at me like, “geeze you are gonna give yourself a heart-attack if you keep yourself in this worry circle.” Then, I realize what I am doing. I stop myself, and say out-loud to this friend, “hey would you be in agreement with me that I resolve this with ease?”

What to do if they say no:

1. Don’t take it personal.

it’s really good info. You don’t want them saying “yes” when they really mean “no.”

(not good juju for them or you.)

2. Don’t give up!

Who else could you ask? (relative, friend, internet forum.)

3. Try, try again!

So now you have gotten someone to agree, that’s awesome! Also the more the merrier, you can get more people that increases the permission level exponentially.

There’s this silly bible verse… Yep! Here comes the Jesus!

Matthew 18:19 “Again I say to you, that if two of you agree on earth about anything that they may ask, it shall be done for them by My Father who is in heaven.”

Now chill out.

Let it rest.

This doesn’t mean you can’t still ask for help or take necessary steps to heal or manifest. It does mean you need to let the universe join you in that. Being in effort around an issue is solidifying that you will be alone in it.

But throwing your hands up once in awhile, you’re saying:

“Hey Universe… tag! YOU’RE it!”

Just because I am inspiried to share…

Years ago, a friend introduced me to the work of John O’Donohue. His book, To Bless The Space Between Us, took my breath away.

Who was this priest turned poet?

I grew hungry to know more about him, as many of us do, when we feel a kindred spirit connection. Then I learned he had passed away. I felt such a sense of loss, even tho I had never met him.

I listened to a talk on Itunes of his at the Green Belt Festival and OMG his voice! His voice is so nourishing. If you know John’s work then you and I understand each other well. And you get why I am posting this. Have you ever heard of him? If not, I encourage you right now in this moment to click the link and listen to his interview hereCheck out his website here. I play his sound tracks in the background when I am having a hard day and reach for his books when I have no more words. This world is such a difficult place to understand and experience. His words bring healing in any emotional climate. Blessings, Liliana

On the day when
the weight deadens
on your shoulders
and you stumble,
may the clay dance
to balance you.
And when your eyes
freeze behind
the grey window
and the ghost of loss
gets in to you,
may a flock of colours,
indigo, red, green,
and azure blue
come to awaken in you
a meadow of delight.

When the canvas frays
in the currach of thought
and a stain of ocean
blackens beneath you,
may there come across the waters
a path of yellow moonlight
to bring you safely home.

May the nourishment of the earth be yours,
may the clarity of light be yours,
may the fluency of the ocean be yours,
may the protection of the ancestors be yours.
And so may a slow
wind work these words
of love around you,
an invisible cloak
to mind your life.”

John O’Donohue, Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom

When In Doubt, Float.

This last Monday night my daughter was up with a fever. I didn’t sleep a wink. I was exhausted from my two previous 16 hour days in a row. I got up Tuesday morning, grateful to have the day off.

So much of life is filled with moments of uncertainty. Wanting answers, making wishes, seeing paths and brick walls before you and trying to decipher it all. I am also a really impatient person. I want to be productive and effective and move toward my vision. Being a seer you might “see” you will be alright in the end, but have no information on how “alright” actually happens.

I’m telling you this because the organization I have had the pleasure of renting space from has been in a big transition. Essentially, things are changing at my work location. I will still be teaching classes and seeing clients on Fridays there at the NE Portland location.

But Tuesday morning, I was still unsure as to where I would be seeing clients on Sunday and Monday. Where do I tell my clients they are going to meet me? Uuuuummmmmhhhhhhh…not so fun.

Tuesday morning, I was sitting in a lot of faith, but had zero energy to work toward a solution. I was tapped out. So, I lit a candle and asked the flame to do the work of drawing in the best solution for all involved. Then I stayed in my deep dark cave. I didn’t have the energy to do anything else.

I practiced letting go. It was hard work reminding myself to let go and just remember to float. As the anxiety came up, I kept floating. I snuggled deeper in with my sick kids, made food for them, cleaned up, and watched kid movies.

The kids wanted chocolate cake. I NEVER give them sugar when they are sick. But this time I was like, “sure’” so I baked them this chocolate cake and we drank chamomile tea. Uppers and downers. It was so delicious.

And then all my letting go finally paid off. My surrender was rewarded at the 11th hour. Late that night a friend called and offered me a place to work in Portland’s majestic Pearl District! :)

Yippie! Sundays and Mondays, I will be at Dr. Noel Thomas’ location near 13th and Hoyt in NW Portland.

This mercury retrograde feels impossible to surf, but it is definitely float-able.

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Just because you wish for an easy life, doesn’t mean you will have it. Just because someone has an easy life doesn’t mean they are more enlightened or more spiritual than you. It may be the exact opposite. In fact, many times, those of us who are old souls experience instant karma: You step one bit out of integrity and find yourself “in trouble.”

Life is not easy. It never will be. You don’t have to take it personally. You are embodied on a planet that is in a major growth period.

You can learn tools to make life smoother, allow yourself to accept the discomforts, and refocus on what feels good. Karate chop the programming that tells you it’s all about “how” you think. Learn about karma. Learn to laugh and let go. Learn about the difference between “being of service” and “being stuck in servitude.”

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I have spent the last 12 years buried under all the behind the scenes needs of my company. This includes web stuff, material development, class planning, and marketing. Something had to change. I needed information fast, action and time to implement what I was learning. I refused to take one more business class or go to one more networking group. It was wasting my time and frustrating me.

This last year I set aside time to work exclusively on all the behind the scenes tasks. This was very scary for me. If I don’t see clients, I don’t get paid. It also means more time away from my kids.

I had two other friends who were struggling in this same way. So, we decided to team up to support each other. Those ladies are Cynthia Lopez (the movie maker) and Theresa Pridemore (the web diva). These ladies are experts in their fields, I feel lucky to know them. They are also funny, creative and hard working. They have a laser like drive for getting shit done.

To be clear, Cynthia and Theresa have been much more than accountability partners. They have been creative playmates working on completing their own projects, but willing to stop and answer my question or give an opinion when I needed one. It greased the wheels. I started to look forward to this work-time, instead of dreading it. Even better I came away each session having completed tons of work and feeling relieved.

We have been in awe of our accidental discovery and now we want to spread the word. This movement starts here, but we are hoping that you will come learn the feel and vibe and maybe do your own version of this with your friends. Please check out this link, it is so near and dear to my heart right now.

Click the words below:

Next Friday is our first meeting and we are hoping to grow it to a bi-monthly option. I will be on hand to help you and so will Theresa.

Pink Martini LOVE on New Years Eve

Photo Credit: Robert Ciprian

For many years, I have listened to and enjoyed the band Pink Martini.

Their blend of musical diversity is fun, entertaining and filled with LOVE. The feeling of inclusion with all nationalities, languages, and musical styles leaves us listeners feeling connected as one race, the human race. Music is the great equalizer, right?

I have never had a chance to see them in concert until this New Year’s Eve, when a dear friend invited me. When I got to the venue to meet her, I learned that one of her relatives was a member in the band. I got to meet her family that had come to enjoy the show, too.

I was already excited to see this band, but the excitement in the family was positively delirious. They were all there to see “their” loved one perform. Once they learned it was my first time seeing the band live, there was much care taken to make sure I got a close and good view of the band. When their family member arrived on stage, they were pointing him out with great LOVE, shouting and clapping.

It was really sweet. I thought my attention would be on this amazing band, and it was, but I was more taken by the loving energy from my friend and her family. His sister was explaining how far he had come from playing show tunes in their living room when they were kids.

Back to the stage: I watched as the musicians took turns in the spotlight, their ability to revel in their own gifts, what I call the “look at me” energy, combined with their willingness to share the attention and LOVE from the audience as another musician took the flood lights…I learned so much watching this. It made me think about my own ability to take a compliment or “show off” and how that doesn’t mean it cancels out my ability to step back and let someone else shine. I shine my light and it actually allows another person to shine theirs, because I am raising the permission level. This lesson made me less afraid to be seen in the world. It cured me.

I watched the cellist as she built a wave of sound energy, played in the wave, controlled it with her chi and instrument, until it was solid enough for the other musicians to dive into. The moment it was cresting the whole band was riding it and simultaneously pulling the audience into it too. The entire room delighting in its crash onto the shores of their own hips, vocal cords, and crazy dance moves. Then the audience lifts it all back up and gives it back to the stage. The power of music, energy, movement is pure LOVE.

Behind The Scenes View: The pianist had a stack of oranges sitting on his piano that slowly disappeared over the course of the night. Guess he was keeping his blood sugar up. We were so close we could smell the oranges. When he was off stage for a moment, the Cellist moved one of his oranges from the top of the piano to his keyboard. It was funny. She jumped back to her seat quickly as he returned, delighting in her little trick, as he’d have to move the orange when he sat back down. Loving and playful little jokes were happening in their secret language. And as the audience, we were probably missing most of it. This inner circle language they have creates a solid infrastructure for a very public job. Playing music on stage might be like making LOVE in front of people. It is so intimate and we LOVE to get to be a part of that energy.
Liliana’s Pink Martini Recap: They are good at showing off, connecting deeply to their gifts, allowing others to shine, while protecting their inner circle language and giving generously to the audience. Every person who was on stage wanted to be there, was in their element and was good at taking turns. I want this for all of us. It was fueled by their individual self LOVE, LOVE for their work, and LOVE for each other.

SO, I am officially declaring 2014 the year of LOVE! I have no proof, I just feel it. Join me in setting this year at LOVE for yourself. Do it right now! Invite this year to show you what LOVE is, make a personal decision to see the LOVE in everything, even in the pain, in the beauty of a sunset, tap into the LOVE within yourself.


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Happy Holidays: Enjoyment vs Deployment.

The holidays have me reaching for magic but tumbling into stress. I don’t have my mother’s house to find refuge in, I haven’t since I was 23 years old. I feel like an orphan and the bit of family I have left are alien to me. So many of us, have unconventional families. The media reflection of this time just kills me. One of the saddest Christmases for me, was when I was divorcing my ex husband. My son and I were homeless. Relying on wonderful and kind friends to take us in. We couch surfed for about 6 months. It was intense and heart breaking. That dark time of overcoming made me more positive for the simple things in life. As each year I get healthier, so do my choices.

Pressure to buy gifts for everyone? Released!
Dutiful family engagements that drain me? Nope.
Pressuring myself into making things perfect and special for EVERYONE. Not anymore!

I have created a magical formula for enjoyment and it’s called: I do whatever I damn well please! I’ve been doing this for three years and I cannot sing it’s praises enough.

I will not allow myself to partake in any activities that I feel pressured into or have to do out of a sense of duty. The holiday energy can feel like a war zone. I will not be deployed into it.  I’m done dodging the bullets in no-mans land. I want to sit, spend time playing with my kiddos and hubby, laugh with close friends, and when the kids are in bed, I want to savor the silence.

This means I won’t commit to some intensely complex meal creation. (Let me say, I LOVE to cook! So on some level this can be hard for me. But the payoff of eating simple and spending time with my kids is worth it. I’m having a crock-pot Christmas.) I might cancel plans last minute if I don’t feel like the engagement will nourish me. And it’s not personal. It’s just I’m doing what I feel is best for me. I am also notoriously protective of my energy. I have to be.

This Thanksgiving I’m hanging out with my friend and her mamma to get my matriarchal fix on. Did I mention I collect other orphans and invite them to my friends house for dinner? I can’t help myself. The warmth and beauty my friend and her mother create is laid back and playful. I am grateful to touch down into it.

I urge you to follow my lead, if you haven’t already. Why spend time with people you don’t feel a deeper connection to?  Especially during a period of supposed restfulness. If something is not in complete  affinity with you: Just say no.

I have many clients who ask me, how do you do it? How do you let everyone down? And yes there are very angry family members who see my dissent as a personal attack, when in fact it is self-care for me and certainly for my little ones since I’m more present for them.

The Answer: I use the concept of PERFECT PICTURES to help me deal with the disappointments I will encounter (naturally) during this season of perfectionistic ideals and the one’s others hold me to.

With the stress of money and expectations during the holidays we HAVE to let go of Perfect Pictures. A “Perfect Picture” is when you have some high expectation set in your mind. Maybe it’s about how you expect to feel or exactly what you will do. Usually I don’t even realize I am trapped in a Perfect Picture until I’m spinning in frustration or hurt. Then I try and remember, “oh my goodness. I have fallen into a Perfect Picture and I can’t get up!” Now, I give myself permission to let go, I can accept the crazy and move on. (Yes, this is easier said than done, but with practice…)

So what, the guests are late?
Or the dinner isn’t on time?
Or you have nothing to wear?

“Oh! Shit! I’m trapped in a Perfect Picture!”
Now that I see that, I can accept what’s really happening and hopefully begin to find the enjoyment.

If guests are late, I get more time to chill.
If dinner is late, there’s no place to be, we can chat longer, or order a pizza.
If you have nothing to wear, put on your PJs.

Try it out!  -Liliana

My New Mantra

A little music to lift you up! from 100000000184843 on 8tracks Radio.

A little music to lift you up! from 100000000184843 on 8tracks Radio.

This week has kicked my ass. I won’t bore you with details.

Basically: Work + Motherhood = Insanity/Potential Sainthood.

It’s amazing how much I can get done in a Mercury retrograde, but it’s uncomfortable as all heck for me. (til Nov 10th.)

And, I know it’s not just me. I know this because my office line, personal line, email and text were all blowing up with friends, clients, colleagues and family all reaching out for help.

It was an an emotionally apocalyptic week for me. I can’t say it was one thing, it was an unbearable comedy of errors and an overall feeling of wanting to pull the covers over my head and not be “in the world”, ‘til maybe next week.

Since people are reaching out to my business, I am lucky enough to get a unique perspective to the level of  collective “growth” people are in.  That helps me know it’s not just me.

So, I do my best to let you know if you’ve had an intense week. It might be cosmic. :) So let’s try to not take it personal. The universe might not have it out for just you. It’s a new moon? A Solar eclipse? I have no idea. I just know it’s intense being human, especially right now.

To lift myself up I’ve been listening to music. I am gifting you access to my playlist. Click above to listen instantly.


Click here to listen to Intuitive Candida, as she has an awesome tip for working with the planetary energies. Something called Earthing. She will teach Heal Your Badass Heart again starting in Jan and it will be a virtual class. Stay tuned!

Remembering A Great Man

First off, thank you to all of you who have been showing your support for my unorthodox post, like the video one and ones where I have been sharing more. It really means a lot to hear from you. The offers to help me edit have warmed my heart and made me feel cared for. I may take you up on that soon…

Hello, there. It’s October. It’s Halloween. We are moving towards El Dia De Los Muertos. We are moving out of the year 2013 and 13 is the death card in Tarot.

We don’t like to talk about death. We might enjoy the thrill of a roller coaster or a scary movie, but when it comes to really diving in, we usually turn away.

Death is messy and it’s totally out of our control.

This morning I attended a wonderful memorial. My friend and client, Paul, has graduated from the earth.

The first memorial I attended was a mini one, in a living room, that we created on the spot. This was hours after my sister passed. The next time I attended one, it was a much bigger production. This time for my mother. I was 24 years old and my mother left me in charge of everything. I was the baby sister, so my siblings were a bit frustrated with that. I arranged for an open-minded church and it was hosted by the amazing Linda Rose Walker (who now does Woman’s Song for us.) I spoke and loved sharing about my mother at the memorial. I wanted these friends and strangers to walk away knowing how multidimensional she was.

Today, when I watched Paul’s amazing children, I was remembering the courage it takes to speak in front of a large crowd – to try and stabilize your voice and imprint the essence that your loving parent and best friend has left on you for others. It is an impossible task, not one you can do in a short time. Yet, you do it for your loved one. The business of death is challenging to tackle when you are in such a shock and emotion-filled state. Yet, your love is so big, and you feel their guiding hand.

I saw Paul standing there, next to his kiddos in his spirit body, and he was pleased. He always talked proudly about them in our sessions, but today he was beaming and humble.

I told his daughter before hand how scared I was to experience Catholic mass. My witchy side is still a bit overwhelmed by the formality of it all. I feel too much like a Lucille Ball character in a church. Really, I wanted to ask the priest if the wafers were gluten free. (I was proud of myself for not doing that.)

When I first arrived, I walked toward the front to see the pictures of Paul. Underneath his pictures was a large bouquet of flowers. The vase was splitting in half. The top side of it was toppling over the stand. One person was trying to stabilize the behemoth arrangement while another person was sliding another giant container under it. The priest was calmly mopping the water on the floor, so no one would slip. I told him how impressed I was with this quick operation and what a fantastic job he was doing to get it sorted.

He looked at me with a smile and said, “Well, it’s always something at these things.” He said it with a positive energy, like he was honoring that “spirits” were at play. This wasn’t his first rodeo, he expected the unexpected during “these things.” It really made me giggle. I have a concept that is so heavy about their Catholic dogma, and yet I could feel the playful spirit in this priest.

And that takes me back to Paul, because he was so good at seeing through that formality. He enjoyed the rituals and revealed their profound spiritual essence to me. After all, this dude had an “intuitive counselor” (me) and a wonderful priest he consulted with. Someone said the words that he was doing the work of love in the wild. I am paraphrasing but he had an energy of love that he took everywhere he went. And he worked and lived in some wild places.

His daughter and son did a fantastic job helping us know the deeper essence of Paul and his teachings live on through them.

Blessings, Liliana

Here’s the business part: I am doing a bunch of classes, B and C in-person and C virtually. This happens in November and December. Anyone who has taken A, can do B or C. It doesn’t have to be in order. Click here to see and sign up. Email me if you have any questions.


The Lotus symbolizes purity and enlightenment, as it rises clean and untainted out of muddy waters.
The Lantern's Light symbolizes wisdom — a light through which we see all truths.

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