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The Energetics of Relationships & Dating for Women

A 4 Week Course by Rev. Liliana Barzola Read

The Ultimate Guide for Manifesting and Navigating a Healthy Relationship

Have you ever dated someone and thought everything was peachy keen one moment, but then the next moment felt like you were in quicksand?

Dating gets a little tricky when someone’s energy says one thing, but their actions and words are doing something totally different. This can make a person feel crazy, insecure, or even sabotage a good relationship.

But it doesn’t have to be that way! If you learn the basics of the Energetics of Dating, you’ll be prepared for when things feel a little wonky, and have the tools to get back on track.

Everybody wants to be loved, and many of us have been searching for years or even decades for that special someone we can come home to. And most of us have gotten hurt or even heartbroken along the way. Why is dating so challenging? Does jumping back into the dating pool feel like swimming with sharks?

Like many of you, I have experienced heartache after heartache and even divorce. The information in Energetics of Dating was born from my own personal pain and journey for answers.

It's frustrating when you ask a happy couple how they met, and they basically chalk it up to magic. "I knew instantly she was the one." "The second our eyes met, the search was over." Does that mean we're all supposed to wait idly by, until by some miracle Prince Charming rides up on his or her steed? It's a nice fantasy, but wouldn't it be nicer to have more control over this huge part of your life?

Once I began to understand the energetic exchange involved in relationships and dating, my pain and frustration melted away. I felt more in control of my emotions, feelings and choices. I went on to successfully share these concepts with thousands of my female clients with amazing results. YES YOU CAN FIND LOVE. And YES, you can learn tools that make dating more successful and more FUN! 'Cause it should be!

I am SOOO excited about this class offering: The Energetics of Relationships and Dating for Women: A Guide for Manifesting and Navigating a Healthy Relationship. Topics we'll cover in the four-week class include the concept of soulmates, sex, how to meet people, and how to maximize your female creative energy. Each installment is filled with entertaining stories, intentional meditations, and concepts you can instantly apply to your life in the world of relationships and dating.

For four amazing weeks, you'll receive the following:

  • Week One

    How energy moves in a relationship, embody and celebrate your feminine essence, soulmates. What the heck is self-love and how do you actually do it?

  • Week Two

    Releasing the trauma of past relationships. Liliana’s “Golden Rules” for dating. Drawing in healthy partnership.

  • Week Three

    We’ll evaluate Dream Lovers and whether or not they are for real. How to own your sensual chakra and transform obsession into control over yourself.

  • Week Four

    We’ll go over healthy boundaries and sex, how to embrace your sensuality, and understanding break ups.

Ultimately, this is a playful and fun program that will help you understand the energy exchange involved in relationships (ALL of them!) and dating.

Even the happiest and most experienced lovers can use a tune-up and some time-tested tricks. I've learned this information the hard way, and I'm so beyond thrilled to share it with you. Our whole world benefits from healthy and loving relationships.

Let's get started today!


This 4-week course was a lighthouse in the storm as I navigated a difficult time in my life. Each time I got the next session I felt more myself.

Rachel R., San Diego, CA

The whole thing is sooooo helpful. From self love and compassion to the concept of Y.E.T., and understanding break ups. It reminds me that I am not alone in my feelings and experiences.

Candida F., Portland, Oregon

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