The Ancient Women’s Circle Program

“The Ancient Women’s Circle was the first women’s group I have been a part of. It was a great experience and very transformative for me. I most appreciated the sacred space we created to simply be witnessed. I didn’t feel like I was being ‘fixed’ or judged as I do in many of my other relationships. I appreciated how every part of our journey, and all of who we are, was honored as important and sacred; nothing needed to be hidden or brushed under the rug, and nothing made us less whole or less strong. I also really loved having more ritual in my life, and it was refreshing to get to know other women by diving in immediately to a deeper, more vulnerable place.” – From a sister in the 2012 circle

Whatever good we are seeking is also seeking us.

Any good we have ever known in our family of humankind, will find us again.

The psyche is a universe unto itself in which nothing good is ever truly lost. Any lost or missing parts to the Holy, we will dream again.

We will ever dream the Holy anew.  -Clarissa Pinkola Estes

The circle opens March 23rd 2013! Click here to learn more and apply.

Watch the video below to see what 2012 was like!


The Lotus symbolizes purity and enlightenment, as it rises clean and untainted out of muddy waters.
The Lantern's Light symbolizes wisdom — a light through which we see all truths.

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