If you are interested but not sure about joining. I recommend reading this dream and seeing if it resonates. Sometimes a woman reads this and then lays down to dream and she dreams her unique version of it. Most the the women who feel called to the circle feel a resonance with this dream or dream their own! That is why I started this circle. Once I sent the story out to my friends, many dreamed their own.  AMAZING!

Liliana’s Dream Share:

November 21st, 2011
Sisters, about once a year I do this to you…I send you one of my teaching dreams. If this has meaning for you great! No response expected or needed, I am just sharing.

Sit down and read this when you have time, think of it as a story. I laid my 4 month old daughter, Gabriella,  beside me and this information was shared with me.

Since I am still processing it, I ask that you not forward this email to anyone but you can talk about it to anyone you want.
Love and Blessings, Liliana

I didn’t live past girl-hood in the last life-time on earth when this circle was active. I did not live as a woman in this particular circle, I was a child. It was clear that the women in the circle were sharing this information with me because I hadn’t experienced it as a woman. They were initiating me as a woman and Gabriella as girl/maiden.

A group of women are talking and sharing this information so that I can remember this Ancient women’s circle. I am realizing that I was once a part of it. It is very emotional for me. My mother Elena was a high priestess in this circle she was the Artist archetype. (I will explain later) My mother helped make the figures we used in ceremonies. These figures are small to large figures made from clay/ceramic.

Some of the women I recognize as family and friends from this life time. I sense that I know all of the women, I just can not remember who they are.
(You may have been part of this circle too, not sure. You will know if this information is familiar. If it is not you have a different circle you belong to. That doesn’t mean you weren’t once a part of it because I feel that women move all around the circles. This one I know is part of my particular lineage.)

I am sure all women had a circle with their own traditions.

Here are the traditions I was reminded of in the dream.

We are in an old house that seems like my friend Terri’s Bed and Breakfast, MaMere’s B and B , because it holds the energy of the feminine principles.

There are elder women and younger women. And that is important because the elders work together with the little ones to become a part of the circle.

The purpose of the circle:
To Gather Information (by reading energy and remembering).
To Protect the Animals.
To Balance the things that are out of balance within ourselves and the universe; Through sight and telling stories.
To Share and Support Each Other.

Here is how the women share this information with me. They talk exactly like women do in a group. Quickly sharing a piece and then someone else adds to it. The flow is feminine. What some women remembered others didn’t. So each woman brings an additional piece of the remembering. When a woman spoke you knew it was a truth and we were all remembering together.

Rules of the circle:
No one is ever made to feel afraid.
Everyone is sacred and important.
Everyone is there because they are important.
Everyone wants to be there.
The concept of “obligation” is irrelevant. Everyone has a purpose. Like a symphony each woman has her own unique purpose. Competition doesn’t exist. It is not even a concept.
The circle is not a completely round circle. Some women are missing and Some women haven’t arrived yet.
This circle was recreated on the earth many times but its blue print is in the astral and will always be there. These circles get created anytime we send the feminine essence somewhere else or into a particular form to gather information or do healing/teaching there. The circle is like the healing/networking headquarters.
The Grandmothers tend to sit on the Outer part of the circle and the younger women toward the Inner or center. So it almost looks more like points on a star. The circle is a star.

The Barn: Not sure what to make of the barn. The barn surrounds the meeting place. We are in the center of it. In the barn many of these animals live, we are caring for them. I only saw ones that looked like horses. It was clear that some of the women from our circle were trapped in the animal form. We as a group protect them. Some of the horses/animals were sick.

Grandmothers facilitate the Reading/Ceremony, reminding people of the rules (when reminding of rules this never done as control. It is only when a women is struggling that they are reminded of the Way. The grandmothers offer the reminding and it is clear that they are just showing a Way. Some things are absolute and those are truths but the way is the way things have been done. And it is about assisting and supporting) they were prepping me for bringing Gabriella into the circle. I knew it was a great honor to be part of the circle and since I was never in it as an elder or woman they were reminding me/teaching me.


Some women are the GrandMothers (protectors of all of us and the information),

Some are the Artists (they make the tools for ceremony and much more)

Some are Seers (the story tellers and readers)

Some are Healers (laying on of hands and touching things to bring them back to life)

Some are called the Gardeners- (Guardians of the animals and the plants) these women are taking direct care of real animals in the barn they rotate in and out of the circle. I can tell you what your archetype is if you want me to.

During the Ceremony, no one is made to feel afraid, nothing about the ceremony is scary. It is something powerful that brings strength and peace. The power is respected.

There is an understanding that all women and especially the ones of the circle must work together as a team remembering and supporting.

There is no power or control issues because none of the women are analyzing or using their minds.
We are all in our feeling and intuition and this is a level of mastery that must be reached on earth, in the astral, on other planets and all over the place. Meditation is not a new concept and not one particular to the earth. All beings must learn to balance the mind because it is overwhelming no matter where you are or what form you are in. It is true that the imbalance of the mind is far more aggressive on Earth.

Harmonizing: When talking they each take their turn, like an amicable flow of support and sharing information. No one is fighting or contradicting each other. If this where to happen they would all do something called: Harmonizing. For example they tone like:  La la la la la. They do this for a moment, one woman starts when she senses stress in the space or if there are dark energies surrounding or affecting the circle. When this happens everyone starts harmonizing. And then just keeps on point. This never happened when I was there. But they explained and demonstrated. It was clear it wasn’t needed too often. But it wasn’t questioned, when someone started Harmonizing we all followed in support and agreement for safe space. It could even be that individual woman’s fear, it didn’t matter if she started we all joined in. And the conversation picked back up immediately.

Ceremonial Tools: There are these ceramic/clay figures paired in 2’s like Noah’s Ark. They are made from an ancient kiln. I didn’t remember these but I began to remember as they are shown to me. They are of animals and people. I don’t recognize all the animals. Not all the animals exist anymore.

Questions I asked:

Me: How do you know what animals to make for the ceremony? (as they are showing me the totems/figurines. Some are shinny and new some are old and broken looking. Some animals I recognize, some I don’t. None of the animals are scary looking even the powerful ones. They all feel powerful in my hands.)

Them: The Ancient kiln tells us.

Them: (teaching me how to sit in the circle once the ceremony starts) Each person sits gently on her chair like it’s a lily pad, just like you would sit on a lily pad. Softly, gently, balanced and respectful of the energy. Hold your center.

Me: (After hearing this whole lily pad thing and imagining how I would hold Gabriella in my arms) What if Gabriella won’t be still or cries during the sacred circle?

Them: Then we will all harmonize again.

(It is not something they want me to worry about. She is allowed to be a child in the circle but she will be respectful no matter because the energy is so powerful. If she gets out of wack it’s because she is telling us all something is wrong.)

Women from the circle go to different places and in different forms for a time to help re-connect and evolve the feminine. Each woman has her own purpose. There are always some women who stay behind doing this ceremony in the circle. It’s our way of communicating with the feminine “in the field”.

They have asked me to share this information
They are trusting me to share it properly, protect it and bring women back to the circle that need to be healed. We have to help each and every fragment of the feminine to make it one complete circle again. This is not a sad thing. It is just exactly what happened for our lessons and the circle is ready to be integrated again with each woman home safe and feeling whole.

Thanks for reading – Be well. -Liliana


The Lotus symbolizes purity and enlightenment, as it rises clean and untainted out of muddy waters.
The Lantern's Light symbolizes wisdom — a light through which we see all truths.

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