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Intuitive Training

At Lotus Lantern, we believe that everyone should have access to the intuitive tools that give us the energy and focus for better living. No special skills are required, just a desire to own who you are fully! We offer the following class series to help you remember and continue to cultivate your own natural, intuitive gifts.

Passport to Intuition

How to Be Intuitive with Integrity, Ethics, and Boundaries: This series was a game changer for me when I took a version of this at the age of 19. I have spent 16 years creating, modifying, and making it fun. I have taken more than 700 students through the A-Alignment course.

Below is an overview of what is covered in each segment of Passport to Intuition. Click the title links for more information on each one :

A Alignment Class - Passport to Intuition

CLICK HERE: A – Alignment!


Finding Calm and Clarity

This class is a prerequisite for all other courses. It will teach you the language of intuition you are craving to learn. Learn how to protect yourself from environmental overwhelm and manage your energy with Liliana’s tools. This is a 4 week DIY course with daily videos and emails.


B - Boundaries Class - Passport to IntuitionCLICK HERE: B – Boundaries

September 13th – October 11th, 2018

(Four Weeks) Sign up by Sept 10th

Strengthening Your Force Field and Navigating the Currents of the World.

Now that you can align your energy, learn how to engage your environment. We cover the Chakra system, healing guides, cords, and the basics of reading energy. This class is led by Liliana and her team. It is not DIY. This class is for people who loved A – Alignment and are hungry for more.

C - Clairvoyance Class: Passport to Intuition

CLICK HERE: C – Clairvoyance

January 24th-February 28th, 2019

(Six Weeks) Sign up by January 20th

Diving Deep into Your Intuition for Fun and Profit

You will learn to safely read the energy of the astral and physical realms. There are 3 tiers to choose when taking this class. Let the light within you shine to enlighten the world.


CLICK HERE: D – Defense

October 28th – December 15th, 2018

(Eight Weeks) Sign up by October 24th

Pendulums and Archangels

This is a course inspired by the Harry Potter Book series taught by Liliana Barzola & Josie Coleman! This class clarifies the dark side of the healing process by teaching you to navigate and dispel fear. Learn to clear “shadow interference” from people, situations and spaces.


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