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One of my amazing students recommended Clarissa Pinkola Estes’s lecture, Warming the Stone Child. Towards the end of Estes’s talk, she asks the listener: What was your favorite fairytale or story as a child? Did the story have a negative or positive ending? Consider this story is your own person myth. That it has in some way laid a foundation for what you believe about your life. It’s neither good nor bad, just acknowledge it has had some influence. This was such a profound moment for me. My own favorite story was Cinderella. I loved the glamor and the magic of this story. It has indeed been imprinted on my psyche. So I took it apart to see the different themes that ran thru my life. Then I began to rewrite the story as an affirmation. I don’t want to live outdated programming that is toxic. It has been a powerful exercise. I highly recommend it. It costs you nothing to ask yourself these questions and then to sit for a bit and re-write it.

As a child my story was Cinderella, as a teenager it was Pretty Woman. Imagine that! Same fucking story!

The negative, if you are in slavery a nice rich man/prince will come pull you out of it, validate you and you’ll be living la vida loca! It’s pretty disempowering.

The positive, you are magical and beautiful despite what you have been through. You should fight for your place in the world and who says those hard working girls in poverty don’t deserve a fabulous night out! I could go on and on. I am looking at what this story taught me about my strength and power and also how did it limit me. Please try it. Maybe at your next dinner party? My partner does this thing where you tell her your favorite ice-cream and she “reads” it. Tells you all about your inner most thoughts via the ice cream flavor analysis. I make her do it at dinner parties for fun. Maybe you can do this one instead.

My deep Cinderella thoughts:
Cinderella endures loss, grief and there is plenty of misunderstanding of who she is. A total loss of loving parents and her identity. When faced with darkness she remains noble, hard working and humble. She endures oppression, scarcity and rises up eventually because the shoe fits. She has secret animal friends that love her and she’s good at finding joy and love wherever she can. Then she’s tricked into thinking she can attend the ball. It’s a cruel trick! I remember those cruel tricks played on me in childhood. Do you have those too? When I was all open-hearted, in my vulnerability and then it turned into feeling humiliated.

Cinderella lost her identity: Her name was changed because she had to sleep in the fireplace to keep warm and she was always dirty.
My name was so difficult for people to say as a kid I remember always feeling like my name was from another world.

I loved the fairy godmother part. In her darkest hour she has an angel that appears. When I was abandoned by my traveling companion in a foreign country because I wouldn’t have sex with him at the age of 19, I had my first experience with angelic help. It enabled me to tap into an inner strength, to hold my principles and self love in place as I navigated my way home to the US. I was scared. And when my mother died (I was 23), I asked a dear friend if she would be my GodMother. Her name is Maria and her home became a safe haven when I left my abusive husband at 26 years of age. Maria’s home, like the dress Cinderella wore that evening, had an expiration date and soon I needed to make my own place in the world. I had two wonderful women Marci and Theresa that both lent me money to pay for that divorce. This is my Cinderella story. My fairy Godmothers have been there for me.

The part about the shoe fitting? The glass slipper? That’s the incognito part of my life. People often think I am younger and not very wise when they meet me. I have a history of not being seen. (I bet you can relate.) This Cinderella story influenced my incognito part. She shows up at the ball and no one knows she’s really a total badass, they think she’s a “lady”.

When I was pregnant with my second child, two new acquaintances were chatting with me about being pregnant and being a mother. They offered unsolicited advice for about 45 minutes. All the while they have never asked me if this was my first child. People just see me and assume I don’t know who I am or what I’m doing. It happens to me ALL the time. (I’m almost 40 and it still happens.) I listened kindly and reflected back to them their own experiences, until they felt thoroughly seen and heard. Suddenly one of them realizes, they never asked me if this is my first child. I answered, “This is my second, I have a nine year old.” They were shocked as they both had one child under the age of mine. So if anything they should have been asking me questions. I have learned over the years to let people think whatever they need to think about me.

I know you might be reading this and thinking, ‘But you are Liliana Barzola, I come to you all the time for advice. How is it possible the world doesn’t see you?’

I refuse to fall into the game of proving myself. Aren’t you tired of this old trick? I am.

It used to make me sad. Now it makes me laugh. It’s funny to me. I embody the goddess and I know it. That’s all that matters at this point in my life.

Recently, my partner and I walked into a New Age shop full of crystals. A very arrogant woman at the counter treated me like I had no idea what I was doing there. She felt spiritually superior and made it known to me that she was full of intuition and magic and that I was a measly muggle. I said nothing and just let her feel her spiritual superiority over me. When we left my partner was furious. ‘She has no idea who you are! That’s like Michael Jackson walks into a music studio and some kid behind the counter starts giving him music tips. WFT!?!?’

I am a polar bear and she is a kitten. I don’t need to roar unless there is danger. People see my light and are threatened. I feel for them. That’s not for me to teach them. I’m off of work. If someone thinks I’m a boring and one dimensional that’s fine with me. They can make an appointment to work through their insecurity.

So what is your version of your favorite story? How has it influenced your life?If you want to play around with this project I made you a worksheet click here.

How do you get inspired? Sometimes inspiration strikes us, spontaneously occurring in unpredictable places; words scribbled on the back of a worn receipt you’ve been carrying around for months. Or is it a song lyric, a quote you heard on a Love: Requited Podcast episode? Maybe it’s an auditory memory during a rainstorm, or an echo of genuine laughter originating from the mouths of your dear ones, perhaps a savory meal.

Staying inspired does NOT need to feel like an accident or a burden but rather, with participation in our Joan of Arc Series. Staying inspired can re-claim it’s rightful place as after hours entertainment! Lotus Lantern Healing Arts invites you to expand your post 5 o’clock horizons, to go beyond mid-summer’s familiar outposts of netflix and romance novels. Click here to sign up now!

We want to give you a little taste with this video. We discuss the power of nature, ritual, love and pleasure. Get it while it’s hawt! Click here to watch!

One Participant Says:
I loved the blend of Liliana and Bri’s teaching styles, both of which are spiritual and thought provoking in different ways. The information, stories and meditations have helped me feel supported during a difficult work transition.

Who the heck is Bri Condon and why do I care? She’s an executive coach, entrepreneurial wizard and parent coach.
She has been a program director, operations manager and an executive director for a variety of agencies. Recently she broke ground in the State of Oregon. By creating opportunities for teens in foster care to surf the Oregon Coast. Bri Condon has worked inside and around DHS Child Welfare programming in Oregon since 2008. Bri holds a B.S in Outdoor Education focusing on struggling populations as well as a Masters Degree in Risk Management in Adventure Programming.

Click here to watch a video about Hearts On Fire: Surf Project 2017 for Oregon Teenagers in Foster Care.


I have been helping people heal from heartache for 16 years and the topic of unrequited love comes back like a game of wackamole. Just when you think you’ve helped someone heal from the wounds of unrequited love…it’s like a plague; it can resurface subtly or aggressively on any given day. You may be grieving a cherished one that has died, or you may be grieving someone that is fully alive yet they have chosen a life without you. What degree of abandonment has caused your suffering?  Even people in happy, committed relationships inevitably ask me questions about a past lover.

“Why didn’t it work out?”
“How could they leave me?”
“Is there a chance they will come back”
“Why didn’t I see it coming?”

Bri has been pushing me to launch my podcast for 2 whole years. So here it is… a podcast for you about love and life, stories of unconventional, untethered and sometimes unreturned love.  Let the healing begin! This is for mature audiences only.

Love Requited XXXcetera: A podcast about love and life, stories of unconventional, untethered and sometimes unreturned love.

Listen Here


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This 4-week session is wholeheartedly based on Joan of Arc. Allow us to guide you into the soul of this ancient archetype and you will draw strength in these times of overwhelm and confusion. Hence our subtitle, “Strength and Power in What Feels Like The Final Hour”. We really mean it, and she did too.

Join Bri & Liliana for this fun adventure series as we explore the time landscape of the 15th century, how dysfunction type casts health, the unapologetic and kick ass nature of Joan of Arc, and ultimately how you too can RIGHT THE LIGHT by leveraging the teachings of elders who are no longer among us.

Joan of Arc used her intuition, temperament, non-binary understanding of gender, her strategic mind, and courageous heart to overturn a disaster that was already upon her people, at the final moment of what could easily have been defeat.

Click here to REGISTER for class…

Wanna listen in to a raw and vulnerable Saturday night at my house? In this video me and my sweetie discuss: Polarity, sex, how we define words differently, Del Taco and who’s wrong in an argument.

I was a little jealous of all the business consulting Bri was doing for my clients. So, I asked her for 12 hours of consulting. Her work blew my mind! She created solutions for problems I had been wrestling with for years. She did strategic planning, team building and executive coaching (supervision) for me. She challenged me and made me laugh a lot.

Bri’s work is for:

Entrepreneurs and Agencies

-Executive Coaching: Professional supervision and support for executives, managers or staff.

-Strategic Planning: Intentional program and business development, design, development, implementation and sustainability. Innovate current offerings or guidance for future endeavors.

-Training and workshop facilitation

Personal Development and Growth

Personal Coaching: For individuals looking to accelerate their own healing, growth and stability.

If you want to learn more about her services click here and scroll down to her bio.

This world is under construction…breaking down to create space for new structures. Are you looking at the state of our world in disbelief?  The shock doesn’t seem to wear off, does it? What is being asked of you seems totally fucked. You can’t take anything with you that is outdated and doesn’t work for you…even if you REALLY, REALLY want to.

Here’s why: This Thursday the moon brims full in the sign of Cancer.

Full moon stirs emotions and Cancer rules emotional intensity, bringing to the surface all the fear and dread that lies in our pain bodies. This Cancer energy has a churning lament (Oh goodie). This is obviously not an easy trek. It demands a lot of us.

The good news is that Cancer is as nurturing as she is demanding. She challenges you to “own your shit” and when you break down she hugs you.

Cancer rules the mother, breast and the belly…nourishment with love and good food.

Full moon in Cancer says, “You have to go out into the harsh terrain now and it’s ALSO shitty weather conditions. But, here’s a magical backpack to take with you. You have everything you could possibly need inside of it.” She kicks you out of her nest knowing full well you are capable, yet still in need of her support.

As you embark on the journey you may fear the unknown, you are a map-less child. You may dread leaving the comfort and warmth of your position to navigate a fucked up terrain. You will cuss her and the hellaciously heavy backpack she gave you the first mile in. Then you will kneel down in frustration, open the pack she gave you and weep.

Her backpack is full of magical tricks, practical and mystical tools all uniquely chosen for you and your journey. MAMMA KNOWS!

Access her help now with this meditation: Owning Your Tools

Imagine you have a container filled to the brim with tools for your journey. Maybe it’s a backpack, a treasure box, a toolbox and medicine bag. Whatever floats your boat.

What the fuck is in there? Open that sucker up and access your tools this instant with your imagination.

Do you have an invisibility cloak? (Try it on)

Super human strength? (Flex your muscles)

A warm cuddly blanket? (Wrap yourself up in it)

Honey and a warm cup of tea? (Let it warm your hands, take a sip)

A bow and arrow? (Nock the arrow, raise and draw)

A stunningly-beautiful-ass-kicking sword? (Feel that sucker in your hands, wave it around.)

With intention:

Ground your tools

Clean them off

Own them

Bring them into present time

Every time you shoot off your mouth, giving advice, you might be giving away your tools. Those of us who have tricks and tools and magic don’t run our mouths about it. So you shouldn’t either. Sit quietly and discover what powers lie within. Your container is filled with all the magic and wisdom you need.

Your trek can transform from a scary undesirable experience to one filled with magic and play. You can begin to feel nourished with each new obstacle you blast to smithereens.  And along the way you can experience a reunion with your ancestors, your soulmates, your family, your lost loved ones and all the teachers of your forgotten past. You will remember who you are.

Intuitive Development Courses:

Wanna learn to do cool stuff with me?

A-Alignment (This is a prereq for all my classes)

C-Clairvoyance starts Feb 13th (Deadline to sign up is Feb 2nd.)

Defense Against the Dark Arts Start April 3rd. Email to learn about this one: liliana@lotuslantern.org

todayi-amI was having a bad day. The worst day ever. I was talking to a friend that was suffering too. Our struggles were so intense that neither one of us could offer the other hope.  Out of desperation we created something called: MANIFESTATION CIRCLE! (Yes I just yelled that at you.) It’s a powerful way to get unstuck. Are you feeling isolated in the rush or your life? Are you exhausted by this last year and looking for an epically, badass, fresh start? Then give Manifestation Circle a chance! It’s FREE.

Listen to instructions here.

Testimonial: “It is incredible to be witnessed and to witness. It was powerful to hear the realness in other people's lives. Thank you for bringing something simple and powerful for us to interact through. Makes the community feeling more cohesive to me and breaks down barriers.” -Lexie Penaluna, Acupuncturist

What the Heck is the Difference between a Twin-Flame and a Soul-Mate?

Since so many of us are desiring vibrant relationships. I’ll just put this here to start us off in the wishing department. It’s my take on Relationships: Soulmates, Twin Flames, Life-Mates, Healing agreements and how Past Life Reflections can cause confusion.

couple-731890_1280Soul-mates: You will have many soul-mates in a life-time. It’s when you have that instant connection with someone. They just “get” you. You have a conversation and it’s exquisitely fluid. It’s such a relief to be in the company of a soulmate or kindred spirit. It’s like coming home. You are from the same soul family, the same distant star. You don’t have to teach someone your language, your culture. You just flow together. You share the same thoughts, laugh at the same shit and communicate telepathically with your eyes and presence. You feel “seen” and “see” them. Sometimes this is a romantic connection, sometimes this is your best friend, your work partner, or a family member. (“Romantic” means you sink down into the sensuality of your second chakra with them. If you are soul-mates that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re life-mates.)

love-1536226_1280Life-mate: People who find a beautiful life rhythm. They support each other in this complex world. Sometimes you meet a couple that is in sync on that everyday level. They plan well and do life together as a wonderful team. If you are ONLY life-mates and not soul-mates too, you will still need a soul-mate somewhere in your life to feel fulfilled. You and your life-mate might have great sex and be loving and efficient. However, if you are spiritually developed, you will still feel drawn to have a soul-mate by your side. If this soul-mate of yours is your best friend, your life-partner will have to make room for that connection. And usually life-mates are really good at that. Because the lifestyle part matches up so well. If you have a soul-mate and life-mate in the same person then you are L.U.C.K.Y.! This is basically what most people REALLY want.

human-1215160_1280Twin Flames: You have only one twin-flame. As you came out of the primordial goo and embodied onto the earth, your soul split into two expressions; one Yin (feminine) and Yang (masculine). (This does not mean you are not whole!)

Pretend that you were being efficient:

‘I know! I’ll clone myself and get twice the work done!”

This is like splitting up the work. Your twin-flame experiences lessons through reincarnation as do you. In the beginning you are usually not on the earth at the same time unless you are on a special mission. (One will come down to earth to lesson and experience things, while the other coaches and supports from the astral plane.) On the other hand, soul-mates are like teammates. To keep the momentum going you are on the earth at the same time. Twin-flames incarnate together towards their last couple lifetimes to begin integrating, healing, creating and bringing wholeness to the world. Twin-flames are mission oriented. You have learned many things separately, now you show each other what you have learned individually. Your twin-soul sees exactly the opposite view as you through either the Yin or Yang expression.

Your twin-flame is a giant pain in your ass!

You recognize each other but have totally different skill sets and views on things. You will feel drawn to each other through a profound recognition and synergy. There will be mind blowing sexual chemistry. It is rarely easy to navigate as a team.

Like: “Hey there hot stuff! Let’s make out.”

Then: “Oh jeeze, wait a second, you are fucking freaking me out”.

Twin flames usually have strange stories of falling into each others lives or meeting to test the waters. ‘Are we fully ready to come back together?’ There can be a “chaser” and a “runner”. Usually the feminine twin is the “chaser”, the “masculine” is traditionally the runner. Both must be ready, spiritually evolved enough, healed enough; to begin the integration process. Neither are meant to lose their identity in the process of integration. It’s more like connecting your smartphone to recharge, download and update. They are meant to rest together and learn from each other. Then do the humanitarian work of healing the planet.

Soulmates have all the fun, they get to just “watch Netflix and chill”. So don’t be sad if your twin flame is off planet for this round. We need a t-shirt that says, “Soul-Mates have ALL the fun!”

Watch this video on healing agreements and growth periods to understand what happens when your soulmate or twin flame is not ready for you or not healthy this life-time.

How Do Past-Life Stories Affect Your Present-Time Relationships?

People ask me, ‘what is my past-life with this person?’. If your past-lives have been AWESOME together, you might REALLY love this person…like instantly. Like everything in you says, ‘YES! I remember our wonderful family life, living on that farm and singing those songs and it was picturesque and fun. Let’s do it all again!’.

Personally, I find when I have a strong reaction (good or bad) to someone there is usually a past life story there.

When your past-lives have sucked badly with a soul-mate, then you might really dislike the person.


I remember being annoyed by a waiter in a restaurant that I frequented. I loathed being in his section and would often ask the hostess to seat me elsewhere. He was just waaaaayyyy too peppy for my taste. The more I resisted him, the more the universe would shove him in my face. He was always prying and asking me questions about my life. He would communicate friendly, but unwanted observations about me. He was so damn charming and quirky, I wanted to punch him in the face. For one year, I hated his guts and held a firm boundary of disgust. Then, one day I was able to see past all the frustration he stirred in me. And I remembered him fully. It was as if his true soul was being revealed to me. The moment I met him (in this life-time), I remembered him from another time and I felt frightened. His light cast a shadow and I got to see and feel parts of myself I had oppressed.


The day I saw past that, we became instant friends.

Because, I remembered he was not my oppressor. I remembered that he was in some bad shit WITH me a long-ass time ago. A whole other fucking life-time ago.  

He laughed when I reminded him how much I hated his guts for an entire year. He would say, “I knew you would come around and remember me eventually. I recognized you the moment I saw you.” I did also, but I ran like a scared child. Under that anger was profound fear that my body remembered.

So, what was my past-life trauma with him? Together we performed rituals and entertained people together. It sounds fun, right? Well, in that lifetime I was forced to perform like a puppet. I was used for a skill and talent but was not free to be my own person. My gifts kept me indentured. In our current life-time, I discovered that this guy wasn’t a waiter. He was a performer, an actor, a musician, and a Cirque du Soleil clown. Present-time, I had so much fear around being “seen” because I might be controlled or used. He rejoiced in our ability to overcome obstacles. While I remembered the prison of that life-time. He was reminding me there was a way to beat the oppressors thru storytelling. We would perform for the ruler of the land, using satire and complex language to shame them. He saw that as a way to heal but my heart wasn’t in it. I wanted my private life and he wanted to teach the world a lesson. Eventually we were persecuted for our art. He went out like a rebel and I went out like a martyr.

He went on to coach me through it and taught me to play. I released the trauma.

The universe laid him in my path. So that I could overcome my fear of being seen. It was an opportunity for me to heal. He instantly brought out a fear that was so deep inside me I wanted to run away from him because of it. He seemed so forced and false. And forced and false was my experience in those lifetimes. It wasn’t who he was that scared me, it was what he mirrored to me. It’s like seeing your own sad reflection in the mirror someone else holds up for you and you want to run away from the person holding the mirror.

I love watching movies about soulmate and twin flames!

What are your favorite movie about this?
I love Far and Away and Anne of Green Gables!

I have felt so many emotions since this election, I have been gathering my words and strength before reaching out. I have needed to get clear and move past my personal fears before doing so.

I am the daughter of immigrants.

I am a woman.

I am a woman of color.

I am a woman in love with another woman.

As a child, my mother told me many stories of oppression growing up in Argentina under the rule of the Perón’s. After my parents immigrated to the states, we watched from afar as the “dirty war” in the 70’s “disappeared” thousands of people. It was very painful and scary.

I have created a meditation that helps us energetically understand why people like myself feel concerned about the future of this country. Let’s love and support each other during these intense times.

I am sharing 3 awesome things:

My partner and business advisor, Bri Condon, has created special offerings for Lotus Lantern. Bri has helped me move past many of my personal upper limit problems. She has been providing these services to many of my clients. Their feedback has been tremendous! She’s an incredible coach and offers business consultation, supervision and coaching for parents of adolescents. Click here and scroll down to learn more here.

The amazing artist Roxanne Jackson has started a powerful movement! It’s a Nasty Woman art exhibit. Learn more here.

Listen to my free meditation on root chakra healing here. Please comment on soundcloud and share if it resonates!

Being a human is hard and sometimes earth can seem like a scary and unwelcoming place. There have been so many instances in my life when I have felt stuck and terrified. I’ve had to hold on and wait for clarity before I could take action.

FYI: I am TERRIBLE at waiting! Having to sit present and still in difficult circumstances, is like having to sit on a hot stove; it is epicly painful.

The thing that saves me: Intentional prayers and blessings!

What is it? A blessing is a moment to root and ground. It’s a communion or conversation between you, your higher-self and the divine. It’s like asking to see the manager when you’ve had a terrible customer service experience. It’s a ritual that gets your internal energy moving again. It’s also a way to withdraw your energy from chaos and re-invest it with a positive charge into a new direction.

When do I do this?

When The Walls Are Closing In: When I am contracted in fear and too scared to expand into my power. I feel stuck on one side of the river and am frantically trying to find the bridge to the other side. wallsareclosingin

Nightmares: When I wake from a nightmare that seems so real I can’t catch my breath.

Dinner time: Showing gratitude and blessing food restores the vital energy of the food. When we do this we are intentioning that anything that could be harmful be released from the food before we take it in; energetically matching our body.

Golden Suns are little prayers: Check out this video (start at the 4:30 mark)

When you call your life-force energy back to yourself, you have the power to make a sweet blessing before you incorporate that energy back. Think of it like a power boost that gives you the momentum you need when you can’t muster any willfulness.

Where can you find blessings? John O’Donohue’s has a wonderful book called: To Bless The Space Between Us. This is a great start. You can also create your own blessings!

Learn how to right now! Do this freestyle writing exercise to create a personal blessing. Just let the information come without judgement onto the paper.


What do I give myself permission to release?

If I release these things what freedoms do I gain?

What can I forgive myself for?

What do I intentionally want to bring to myself and into my life?

Then, write in some gratitude for the lessons learned.


Always ask for highest good. You can always ask for exactly what you want. However, at the end of the day; you only want for the highest good for yourself and others. This is the do no harm part.

Who are you calling upon for assistance? Here are a list of some safe healers to call upon.

The Great Mother and the Great Father

God or Divine Source

Your Higher Self


Ganesha (remover of obstacles)

Guardians of Light

Benevolent Ancestors

FINALLY, blend all of this yumminess together to create a beautiful personalized mantra, prayer or blessings. You are powerful. The alchemy of blending your own words is a wonderful treat! Don’t be shy, give it a try.