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The Mystic Playground

Interested in the intuitive, energetic, and psychic arts?
We collected a bunch of fun things for you to play with here!

One Episode of Minivan Psychic

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Video: Golden Sun Visualization

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Video: Into the Lotus Den

In 2010 Liliana created the video, “Into the Lotus Den,”
to spoof common misconceptions about Psychics and Intuitives.
Learn more about the project, watch the video,
and check out the outtakes below.

Intro to the Video

“Into the Lotus Den”


I Love to Cook!

Ask anyone. My favorite thing is to pamper people with yummy,
wholesome, home-cooked food. Here’s something you can make yourself!

Liliana's Chimichurri Recipe

Card Decks

Card decks (like Tarot decks, Oracle decks, and the like)
can be excellent tools for honing and supporting your intuition.
Here are some of my favorites.

Healing Chakra Cards

This deck was created as a collaboration between Rev. Liliana Barzola (me)
and my fellow practitioner and artist Rev. Josie Hopla.
Read about which chakra is affected by a situation and get a guide for remedying it!


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The Portland Tarot

This Major Arcana-only deck was created by one of my
students: artist, reader, and designer Theresa Pridemore.
She designed them to be playful, easy to approach, and easy to learn.


Learn More About The Portland Tarot


Thanks for Playing with Us!

We do things a little differently at Lotus Lantern.
We believe that clarity, expansion, and evolution can be fun!
In fact, the more you play, the better it gets.


Ready to remember your own intuitive gifts?