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From class content to original shows to funny one-offs, Liliana loves creating video content. Please enjoy!

Educational / Informational Content

Over the years, Liliana has amassed a number of educational and informational videos. Here is a collection of content that is free to the public. (For more beginning educational content, check out our free course on the Basics of Energetics and Intuition.)

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Minivan Psychic

“Minivan Psychic” is Liliana’s fun web series where she invites people into her minivan and gives them powerful intuitive readings. In each episode, real healing happens and incredible healing tools and concepts are shared. Bring a hanky.

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“Into the Lotus Den” Spoof

In 2010 Liliana created the video, “Into the Lotus Den,” to spoof common misconceptions about Psychics and Intuitives.

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