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Tami Lynn Kent

Tami Lynn Kent

Liliana is one of the most talented energy readers I know and a gifted teacher. Her work has provided clarity for me on both a personal and business level. I turned to her work to strengthen my own energetic toolbox.

Liliana’s ways of connecting to women and embracing them wholeheartedly continues to inspire me. As a sister, I cherish the wisdom of her voice and knowledge.

MSPT Physical Therapist


Prashant Kakad

Liliana is a delight to work with, even when the matters we are discussing are painful. She is funny, brutally honest and holds people in the highest regard. She brings an explorative, gentle and welcoming spirit to her teachings that always leave me feeling empowered.

Singer, Choreographer, DJ and Owner of Bollywood Dreams Entertainment


Drew Vandiver

This work has changed my vibration and perspective. Liliana helped me tune into the protective presence of my mom and it got me through an intense week. I had no idea of all the buried roots of fear I was holding.  She is the star that guides the ship out of a storm, a mama bear of souls. I am eternally grateful.



Dr. Deborah Hipp

Liliana’s grace and humor are infectious and encourage me to welcome each new day by looking for its new opportunities. Liliana is an amazing teacher. Working with her has encouraged me to trust my own intuitive gifts. She has also shared many effective tools for me as a practitioner.

PhD, LAc, Owner at KayaKalp Acupuncture
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Carol Baird, M.D.

As someone who learned to do what is expected of her, I neglected to learn how to listen to my inner voice and intuition. I instinctively knew how important this was but had no tools to help me remember how. Thanks to Liliana, I now use my intuition as well as my highly trained left brain. Whole new vistas have opened up to me, and the experience for my patients and me has been life changing.

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