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Understanding the Astral Realm to Subdue Panic in the Night

Trapped in the turmoil of a dark, oppressive dream, I woke to the sound of my own screams.

I could feel my partner’s voice and presence trying to break through but couldn’t locate her or myself in the moment. Was she in the dream time or on earth? Am I in the dream or on earth?

We were both sleeping at a friend’s house on our recent trip to Vermont. As the earthly room came into view, I catapulted myself into her arms, gasping for air and sobbing.

“Honey, you are dreaming. You are okay. You are safe,” she said calmly and firmly.

I couldn’t speak. 80% of me was still in the astral trauma zone. With the air hunger, all I could muster was, “I NEED my mountain air. I Can’t breathe.” I longed for our little cabin in the woods back home in my mountains.

“We have that here too,” Bri said calmly. She thrust open the window with a whipping force and gently pressed my entire body towards the window tilting my head into the fresh mountain air. I’m not light as a feather but in her arms it feels like it. She is all muscle, brute force and soft flannel against me. I breath in delicious salvation. Oh my! Thank the goddess, she’s right!

“I was dreaming about my mom,” I told her. “She was horrible to me in it. She was shaming me and telling me what a horrible daughter I was. It was a terrible, horrible feeling. My real mother would NEVER, EVER say those things to me.”

My mother has been dead 14 years. I still miss her. She was a nurturing and kind woman. The kind of selfless mother people dream about. And when my baby was 1 year old and I was 23, she died suddenly of an aneurysm. Sadly, I diagnosed her bleeding brain, but it was too late for her at that point. My postpartum process, new motherhood and her death were all tangled together for me from this point forward.

As my heart pace slowed, my breath deepened, my voice returned. I was trying to scramble out of the pain. Bri held me closely as I cried.

“Why would you get such a terrible dream about her? That is so unfair.” Bri protested. Bri is my “why” person. She is religiously committed to justice and fairness on earth and everywhere else. She never stops asking “why”. And her “why’s” are passionate. These are never soft questions, they are forceful, inquisitive commentary. This world will be a better place while she’s here. She commands it so. It’s sweet and also heartbreaking when I don’t have a clear answer for her or myself. Why the fuck do I finally get a dream about my mother and it’s a totally abusive pile of shit?!?!?

So here is the best explanation that I can give for “why” this happens. When a loved one transforms from their earthly body to the astral realm it’s like they are going home. Many native cultures believe that we are visiting from the dream-time (astral). That the dream time is the “real world”. The astral realm is a literal blueprint for our physical realm (what I call University Earth). This means that we are thought of and formed in the astral as a blueprint and then manifest to earth. Energy follows intention and then becomes matter. If you are building a home you start from a blue-print, you sketch it out. Then you build it. The universe is exactly this.

So when you wake up each morning on earth you are coming back from your time in the astral. You do your morning rituals, then have your coffee or tea and are fully here. Well, imagine that in the death process your spirit wakes up fully in the astral realm just in the same way.

When a person dies most of their energy lifts into the astral and some of their denser energy takes longer to process and lift up. This is why ancient cultures cremate bodies, to help the spirit lift up easier. This is why so many cultures spend so much time praying and helping those going home. It helps the living and the dead to do this. Home is not a foreign place. It is a loving and familiar place. You don’t lose your personality, your being or your favorite ice cream flavor. You are still you. Suddenly, you find that you can be in many places at once. On earth you can’t be in many places at once. (Unless you are on the internet, but don’t even get me started on the internet and telepathic communication. We will be here all day!)

So in the case of my nightmare, a part of my mother was still here trapped; a dense and unconscious part of her soul hadn’t lifted up. I ran into it. It was a real bitch to me. But this allowed my to mother to locate her lost part (with my help) and so I spent the rest of the night crying, praying and asking my mother’s true soul self (the enlightened part of her) to come clean up the mess and integrate that portion of her that was angry back into her entirety.

The second part to this, is that there is a real battle that goes on between the dark and the light on earth and in the astral realm. (Like Donald Trump) This is why it’s so important to understand the veil between the astral and physical realms and not fall prey to the shadow (see previous parenthesis). The darkness wants me to believe I am worthless, that my mother doesn’t love me, etc. However, I know that is a lie. So it takes me deeper into meditation to understand why I am dreaming this stuff up.

In my B-Boundaries class we talk about the astral and physical realms and how they fit together.

We also work heavily with guardians and protectors so that you have a team to call in. I was lucky to have my conscious, physical partner there with me. But I knew also, how to call in my team of guardians. You will too if you join in class B-Boundaries Click here to learn more. It starts this Thursday! (The pre-req is class A-Alignment.)

Breaking Down Structures To Create Space For The New

This world is under construction…breaking down to create space for new structures. Are you looking at the state of our world in disbelief?  The shock doesn’t seem to wear off, does it? What is being asked of you seems totally fucked. You can’t take anything with you that is outdated and doesn’t work for you…even if you REALLY, REALLY want to.

Here’s why: This Thursday the moon brims full in the sign of Cancer.

Full moon stirs emotions and Cancer rules emotional intensity, bringing to the surface all the fear and dread that lies in our pain bodies. This Cancer energy has a churning lament (Oh goodie). This is obviously not an easy trek. It demands a lot of us.

The good news is that Cancer is as nurturing as she is demanding. She challenges you to “own your shit” and when you break down she hugs you.

Cancer rules the mother, breast and the belly…nourishment with love and good food.

Full moon in Cancer says, “You have to go out into the harsh terrain now and it’s ALSO shitty weather conditions. But, here’s a magical backpack to take with you. You have everything you could possibly need inside of it.” She kicks you out of her nest knowing full well you are capable, yet still in need of her support.

As you embark on the journey you may fear the unknown, you are a map-less child. You may dread leaving the comfort and warmth of your position to navigate a fucked up terrain. You will cuss her and the hellaciously heavy backpack she gave you the first mile in. Then you will kneel down in frustration, open the pack she gave you and weep.

Her backpack is full of magical tricks, practical and mystical tools all uniquely chosen for you and your journey. MAMMA KNOWS!

Access her help now with this meditation: Owning Your Tools

Imagine you have a container filled to the brim with tools for your journey. Maybe it’s a backpack, a treasure box, a toolbox and medicine bag. Whatever floats your boat.

What the fuck is in there? Open that sucker up and access your tools this instant with your imagination.

Do you have an invisibility cloak? (Try it on)

Super human strength? (Flex your muscles)

A warm cuddly blanket? (Wrap yourself up in it)

Honey and a warm cup of tea? (Let it warm your hands, take a sip)

A bow and arrow? (Nock the arrow, raise and draw)

A stunningly-beautiful-ass-kicking sword? (Feel that sucker in your hands, wave it around.)

With intention:

Ground your tools

Clean them off

Own them

Bring them into present time

Every time you shoot off your mouth, giving advice, you might be giving away your tools. Those of us who have tricks and tools and magic don’t run our mouths about it. So you shouldn’t either. Sit quietly and discover what powers lie within. Your container is filled with all the magic and wisdom you need.

Your trek can transform from a scary undesirable experience to one filled with magic and play. You can begin to feel nourished with each new obstacle you blast to smithereens.  And along the way you can experience a reunion with your ancestors, your soulmates, your family, your lost loved ones and all the teachers of your forgotten past. You will remember who you are.

Intuitive Development Courses:

Wanna learn to do cool stuff with me?

A-Alignment (This is a prereq for all my classes)

C-Clairvoyance starts Feb 13th (Deadline to sign up is Feb 2nd.)

Defense Against the Dark Arts Start April 3rd. Email to learn about this one: liliana@lotuslantern.org

How to Create an Intentional Blessing

Being a human is hard and sometimes earth can seem like a scary and unwelcoming place. There have been so many instances in my life when I have felt stuck and terrified. I’ve had to hold on and wait for clarity before I could take action.

FYI: I am TERRIBLE at waiting! Having to sit present and still in difficult circumstances, is like having to sit on a hot stove; it is epicly painful.

The thing that saves me: Intentional prayers and blessings!

What is it? A blessing is a moment to root and ground. It’s a communion or conversation between you, your higher-self and the divine. It’s like asking to see the manager when you’ve had a terrible customer service experience. It’s a ritual that gets your internal energy moving again. It’s also a way to withdraw your energy from chaos and re-invest it with a positive charge into a new direction.

When do I do this?

When The Walls Are Closing In: When I am contracted in fear and too scared to expand into my power. I feel stuck on one side of the river and am frantically trying to find the bridge to the other side. wallsareclosingin

Nightmares: When I wake from a nightmare that seems so real I can’t catch my breath.

Dinner time: Showing gratitude and blessing food restores the vital energy of the food. When we do this we are intentioning that anything that could be harmful be released from the food before we take it in; energetically matching our body.

Golden Suns are little prayers: Check out this video (start at the 4:30 mark)

When you call your life-force energy back to yourself, you have the power to make a sweet blessing before you incorporate that energy back. Think of it like a power boost that gives you the momentum you need when you can’t muster any willfulness.

Where can you find blessings? John O’Donohue’s has a wonderful book called: To Bless The Space Between Us. This is a great start. You can also create your own blessings!

Learn how to right now! Do this freestyle writing exercise to create a personal blessing. Just let the information come without judgement onto the paper.


What do I give myself permission to release?

If I release these things what freedoms do I gain?

What can I forgive myself for?

What do I intentionally want to bring to myself and into my life?

Then, write in some gratitude for the lessons learned.


Always ask for highest good. You can always ask for exactly what you want. However, at the end of the day; you only want for the highest good for yourself and others. This is the do no harm part.

Who are you calling upon for assistance? Here are a list of some safe healers to call upon.

The Great Mother and the Great Father

God or Divine Source

Your Higher Self


Ganesha (remover of obstacles)

Guardians of Light

Benevolent Ancestors

FINALLY, blend all of this yumminess together to create a beautiful personalized mantra, prayer or blessings. You are powerful. The alchemy of blending your own words is a wonderful treat! Don’t be shy, give it a try.

Retreat: Bridge Between Two Worlds

Yippie! I have been dreaming about this for 3 years. Now, I finally get to co-facilitate a retreat at Five Pines Lodge in Sisters, Oregon! Oct 15th and 16th, 2016.

Here is the feeling behind this: I want to teach you stuff, but I also want to help you REST. (I don’t think you should be exhausted from a workshop, you should leave rested and re-inspired.) Our active learning day will be short and sweet from 9am til about 2pm. Lucky you, because Five Pines houses the AMAZING Shibui Spa, Sisters Movie Theater, Three Creeks Brewing and walking trails in the FOREST.

So we will PLAY during the morning and afternoon, then you can design your own rituals of self-care in your plentiful free-time.

Hosting this retreat is a big emotional step for me. I am doing a retreat for YOU, in a place that makes MY heart sing and we get to meditate and do energy work, encircled by magic. Our private classroom overlooks a meadow and creek. We have a big stone fireplace and beauty abounds. I get to feed you lunch and tea! How cool is that? Are you enticed? Are you curious? Want to learn more? THEN CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS


PLUS: I get to co-facilitate this retreat with Bri Condon of Alchemy Consulting, Bri brings experiential work and storytelling to this retreat. She has a badass work ethic and the ability to inspire and play hard.

You will grow and heal from the combination of my meditation, energy tools and her action, play and storytelling style. I hope you will join us!

Blessings, Liliana

Ready To Boldly Stand In Your Intuition?

Josie and I have created Healing Chakra Cards and they are available for purchase!

Purchase Healing Chakra Cards Now!

Each card includes:

1. Information about each chakra
2. Symptoms experienced when a chakra is affected
3. The opportunity for growth
4. A golden sun to help get your energy back
5. And, of course, a favorite quote from Dumbledore. (We love Harry Potter)

These cards are laminated for use with clients & yourself (you will inevitably throw them in your bag or car just to have them near, believe me!).

$30 for the collection of 7 chakras. Shipped to your home or office.

Did you know you can start developing your intuition right now?

A-Alignment is a prerequisite for ALL other classes at Lotus Lantern Healing Arts. It’s our basic intuitive development class that provides you a language for accessing your own intuitive gifts.

Loaded with goodies, self healing, soothing and protecting yourself from all the crap we have to endure in a day. Those of us who are energetically sensitive tend to feel overwhelmed quickly. The lessons and tools provided can give you the respite you desire.

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