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I Am Not An Astrologer

Nope, I certainly am not.

However, I am a messenger and I am a wounded healer.

Lots of people are reaching out to us and asking, “WTF is happening right now?!?! Things are cray, cray!”

Personally: Nuthin’ but transformation and heart ache around these here parts.

So I’m sharing some resources for those of you who are struggling so hard you can’t even reach out. If you are doing great and life is smooth, I bet you are still seeing people struggling around you:

Check out my brother-friend Robert Ciprian’s Post from this week:

(***Spoiler alert! Next podcast features Dr. Ciprian: From gang banger to healer-doctor. It will be published later this week.)

I love the famous CHANI who offers this bite-sized explanation: “The new moon in Pisces arrives on March 17th at 6:12 AM PT. Sitting in a conjunction to Chiron, the Wounded Healer, this new moon asks us to be tender with what hurts. Forgiving with what we can. Compassionate with ourselves as we work through sensitive issues and life events. Shortly after the new moon, Mercury station’s retrograde challenging us to get our messages across with accuracy and efficiency.”

Now I offer an opportunity to go even deeper. My astrologer friend, Sarah Fontaine, doesn’t offer sound bites: She offers deep poetry. Before you read anything by her, I ask you to watch this 10 minute video. Can you turn off your neon brain that wants a quick fix and really listen to her poem? This started as a job-description for the person she needed to hire for her pre-school center. It will resonate so much for you if you let it steep.

After you watch, I encourage you to click here and read her horoscopes. You can use them to help re-focus your energy.


Pink Martini LOVE on New Years Eve

For many years, I have listened to and enjoyed the band Pink Martini.

Their blend of musical diversity is fun, entertaining and filled with LOVE. The feeling of inclusion with all nationalities, languages, and musical styles leaves us listeners feeling connected as one race, the human race. Music is the great equalizer, right?

I have never had a chance to see them in concert until this New Year’s Eve, when a dear friend invited me. When I got to the venue to meet her, I learned that one of her relatives was a member in the band. I got to meet her family that had come to enjoy the show, too.

I was already excited to see this band, but the excitement in the family was positively delirious. They were all there to see “their” loved one perform. Once they learned it was my first time seeing the band live, there was much care taken to make sure I got a close and good view of the band. When their family member arrived on stage, they were pointing him out with great LOVE, shouting and clapping.

It was really sweet.

I thought my attention would be on this amazing band, and it was, but I was more taken by the loving energy from my friend and her family. His sister was explaining how far he had come from playing show tunes in their living room when they were kids.

Back to the stage: I watched as the musicians took turns in the spotlight, their ability to revel in their own gifts, what I call the “look at me” energy, combined with their willingness to share the attention and LOVE from the audience as another musician took the flood lights…

I learned so much watching this. It made me think about my own ability to take a compliment or “show off” and how that doesn’t mean it cancels out my ability to step back and let someone else shine. I shine my light and it actually allows another person to shine theirs, because I am raising the permission level. This lesson made me less afraid to be seen in the world. It cured me.

I watched the cellist as she built a wave of sound energy, played in the wave, controlled it with her chi and instrument, until it was solid enough for the other musicians to dive into. The moment it was cresting the whole band was riding it and simultaneously pulling the audience into it too. The entire room delighting in its crash onto the shores of their own hips, vocal cords, and crazy dance moves. Then the audience lifts it all back up and gives it back to the stage. The power of music, energy, movement is pure LOVE.

[bctt tweet=”The power of music, energy, movement is pure LOVE. “]

Behind The Scenes View: The pianist had a stack of oranges sitting on his piano that slowly disappeared over the course of the night. Guess he was keeping his blood sugar up. We were so close we could smell the oranges. When he was off stage for a moment, the Cellist moved one of his oranges from the top of the piano to his keyboard. It was funny. She jumped back to her seat quickly as he returned, delighting in her little trick, as he’d have to move the orange when he sat back down. Loving and playful little jokes were happening in their secret language. And as the audience, we were probably missing most of it. This inner circle language they have creates a solid infrastructure for a very public job. Playing music on stage might be like making LOVE in front of people. It is so intimate and we LOVE to get to be a part of that energy.

Liliana’s Pink Martini Recap: They are good at showing off, connecting deeply to their gifts, allowing others to shine, while protecting their inner circle language and giving generously to the audience. Every person who was on stage wanted to be there, was in their element and was good at taking turns. I want this for all of us. It was fueled by their individual self LOVE, LOVE for their work, and LOVE for each other.

SO, I am officially declaring 2014 the year of LOVE! I have no proof, I just feel it. Join me in setting this year at LOVE for yourself. Do it right now! Invite this year to show you what LOVE is, make a personal decision to see the LOVE in everything, even in the pain, in the beauty of a sunset, tap into the LOVE within yourself.


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A bonus video about Programming VS Remember here. This is a good taste of what is to come, as my website will soon have lots of do it yourself concepts and meditations.