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The Magical Witch In The Woods: An Audio Book For Children.

The Magical Witch In The Woods

Written and Read by Rev. Liliana Barzola and Gabriella

Illustrated by Josie Hopla

On the way home from school Lily wanders off the path into the woods. She gets lost and then discovers, Red Amber, the magical witch in the woods. Red Amber teaches Lily how to calm herself, talk to the wind, ride a horse and listen to her inner voice. We think you and your little one will LOVE this special story.

Kids can teach you much more about intuition then you can teach them. As parents and caregivers we must honor their natural knowing and helping them keep this alive in them.

  • Following your intuition
  • Using your breath to self soothe
  • The power of believing in magic
  • That nature and herbs can be used to heal our bodies.
  • That nature still speaks to us
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