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Meet Our Team

Lotus Lantern Healing Arts was Founded by Rev. Liliana Barzola Learn more about the founder here.

Lora Potter (Magical Executive Assistant)

Here is the magical Lora Potter with her beloved daughter and granddaughter. It’s nice to put a face to a name. Her lovely voice is what greets you when you phone up for an appointment. She is the founder’s right hand woman. Lora spent many years as a Waldorf Assistant Teacher. She is intuitive, practical and down to earth.

Rev. Josie Coleman (Intuitive Healer)

Have you ever felt weighed down? For days, months, or even years? Your light and life force are irresistible; of course dense energy can get attracted to you. Once Josie has helped you clear the heavy energy, you will be much more powerful and at peace once more.

Josie Coleman is Lotus Lantern Healing Arts’ premiere specialist in “clearings”. This means she rocks when it comes to clearing dark and parasitic energies from people. She’s an intuitive and a visual artist who began her studies with Liliana in 2006.

Some of her earliest memories are of the fears that surround the subject of dark entities, but she has become empowered and has found a way to overcome the shadow. She loves using powerful tools to quickly release blockages for clients. This can be a scary subject, but Josie’s gift is to use her light, love, creativity and laughter to overcome the vibrations of the shadow. She diagnoses and clears “dark energy” that interferes with our personal growth.

Parasitic vibrations are not in control of you. Let me help you safely clear negative interference so you can go back to living in your truth. Let love and laughter become more and more a part of your life!”
– Josie Coleman

Not only can Josie clear the shadows, she can also help you gain understanding of dark forces so that the things you once viewed as dark and scary become nothing more than an indication that you are working toward your own truth.  All you need is a cape and a sidekick. She’s excited to be your sidekick. You provide your own cape.

Watch the video below to learn more about Josie Coleman.

Bri Condon (COO of Lotus Lantern Healing Arts)

Consulting and Executive Coaching Services

Bri Condon helps you answer questions like, ‘where do I begin?’ and ‘why is this project stalled?’ She does this with engaging dialogue and a collaborative spirit. She takes you to the heart of the issue and helps you blueprint out the steps to success.

Groundbreaking Resolutions for You, Entrepreneurs and Agencies:

One-to-One Sessions are for Executive Coaching, Personal Growth or Parent Coaching. Bri turns issues and complaints into smooth resolution. She does this by tackling insecurities and boosting personal power.

Cost: $130.00 (60 min) & $160.00 (90 min)

Strategic Planning Session: Blueprint your dream into reality with a 90 min session and strategic outline summary for only $350.00. Bri designs, develops and implements sustainable programs and businesses. She can also help you innovate current offerings or offer guidance for future endeavors.

STEP ONE: Bri picks your brain during a 90 minutes session. She identifies blockages, hones in on your specific needs and helps you clarify your vision.

STEP TWO: You receive a strategic plan delivered to your inbox. This summary outlines “how to execute your dream” step by step, organized with visual white board photos. (It’s a 72 hour turn around from the one-to-one session to getting the summary delivered to your inbox.)

This strategic plan gives you freedom and options. Now you have a template to work off that you can launch and do all the work yourself OR you pull out specific things you want to hand off to Bri. If you choose to hire her for certain tasks on the template she will give you the upfront cost for each task. This way you know what you are paying for and what you are getting which helps you decided what you want to do yourself verses hand off to Bri. This strategic plan gives you freedom and options.

Bri has managed everything from website creation to getting a building painted with signage to more gritty program development. She literally takes ideas and makes them a reality.


The Collaborator (30 Days)

I join your team as your project manager and accountability partner.

1 hour session (4x) and Email support (2x per week)

1 Payment of $899.00

Build Your Empire (6 Months)

Go from base camp to the summit. I design, develop and help you implement sustainable programs and systems for your agency or businesses. Innovate current offerings or offer guidance for future endeavors.

Month One:

  • Strategic Planning Session: 90 min session you throw out all your needs and ideas and I organize it all. I deliver a strategic outline summary.
  • 1 hour session (2x)
  • Email support (2x per week)

Months: 2-6 (12 HOURS A MONTH)

Together we customize the experience so that I can take things off your plate and help you tackle the big jobs! Most business coaches will send you back to your desk with a to-do list. Not this time!

Stuff I can build that will help you:

  • Create Gant Charts
  • Create your personal schedule, Project time lines, Work Plans
  • Process Check Lists
  • System Audits
  • Executive coaching that helps you tackle insecurities and boost personal power
  • Operations support
  • Branding
  • Innovate current offerings
  • Build infrastructure
  • Creating Policy & Procedural Manuals, Operations Manuals
  • Advise on training modules and Risk Management considerations.

6 monthly payments of $1399.00


Intensive – Customized Experiential Tool Kit (In-Person Only)

One 8 hour day for the team leader

Bend, Oregon $799.00

Portland, Oregon $999.00

Two 8 Hour Days for the Team

Bend, Oregon $1599.00

Portland, Oregon $1999.00

Training and Workshop Facilitation: Customized team building experiences, mentoring or speaking for your staff. Inquire about pricing.

Schedule a Counseling Session

Bri weaves leadership skills, empathy, playfulness and sarcasm to coach people and agencies. She is an experienced staff manager, youth engagement specialist, community educator and public speaker. She values storytelling, feats of physical endurance, opportunities for personal growth and hilarity. Bri holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Outdoor Education and a Master’s Degree in Adventure Education/Risk Management. She works with people, entrepreneurs, companies, non-profit organizations, social service organizations, state child welfare agencies, school districts and community programs.

She has a passion for addressing social inequities faced by underserved populations and individuals that have extensive trauma histories.

“Bri brings raw authenticity to her client work. She has a gift for gently and firmly confronting your blindness. She does this with creativity and humor that empowers and inspires. She will help you negotiate awkward and uneven territories, so that you can meet your personal and professional goals.” -Rev. Liliana Barzola