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“Minivan Psychic” Webisodes

Joe clears heavy death energy in this dark themed episode. You won’t know why until the end… So please watch and learn about the life changing experience that set Joe on his spiritual and musical path!

Learn more about Joe’s music and reflexology.

Have you ever had a hard time communicating your needs? Me, too!
Use this tool to get the message across when words don’t work. It’s almost like a psychic telegram that gets another person prepared for the real-time conversation.

It’s A Third Chakra World. Thanks to Esteban (our guinea pig) we learn to bring our 3rd and 4th chakras into balance. Esteban was our sound tech and he was listening to minivan participants ball and cry all day. Finally we convinced him to enter the van…the rest is history.

“Welp, this is about as close as I’m going to get to making a Super Bowl commercial this year. Thanks to some Super Fancy Footwork by Theresa Pridemore and some Superstar Glam by Liliana Barzola, I am pleased to present the intro to Liliana’s Super New Webseries Minivan Psychic. BOOM!”

— Cynthia Lopez